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Beijing FSP 2000

Beijing FSP 2001





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Welcome to the Summer 2001 Beijing, China Foreign Study Program (FSP) Website


Greetings from Beijing! This page has been created for parents, family, and friends of the Beijing FSP participants. It is intended to keep you informed of our latest experiences, provide images of our daily lives, and is also another means for you to contact us via the internet.


Our latest class picture, taken on August 10, 2001; it includes all our teachers as well.


Student Guide 2000: This has lots of useful information for students as well as parents. (Please note that the original Chinese characters and/or Chinese Pinyin romanization may not be viewable in your browser.)


Calendar of Events


First Update (6/25/01)

Second Update (7/9/01)

Third Update (7/28/01)

Fourth Update (8/9/01)

Fifth Update (8/17/01)

Silk Road Trip Pictures!

Urumqi, Xinjiang (8/18/01)

Kashgar, Xinjiang, Sunday Market (8/19/01)

Kashgar, Xinjiang, Abakh Hoja Tomb, Id Kah Mosque (8/19/01)

Kashgar, Xinjiang, Mahmut Kashgari's Tomb (8/20/01)

Kashgar, Xinjiang, Picnic in the Kunlun Mountain Range (8/20/01)

Heavenly Lake (Tianchi), Xinjiang (8/21/01)

Turpan, Xinjiang, Gaochang Ruins, Bezeklik Caves (8/23/01)

Turpan, Xinjiang, Jiaohe Ruins, Emin Minaret (8/24/01)

Dunhuang, Gansu, Mingsha Dunes (8/25/01)

Xi'an, Shaanxi, Provincial Museum, Wild Goose Pagoda, Huaqing Springs (8/26-27/01)

Xi'an, Army of Terracotta Warriors, 8/27/01


Temple of Heaven trip (6/13/01)

More from the Temple of Heaven (6/13/01)

Dorm and Daily Life (6/13/01-6/22/01)

Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City (6/16/01)

More Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City (6/16/01)

Even more Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City (6/16/01)

Great Wall at Simatai (6/23/01)

Allen's Birthday (6/25/01)

Junko's Birthday and Friday Lunch (6/29/01)

Dorm and Daily Life (6/27/01-7/2/01)

Train ride to Pingyao (7/6/01)

Pingyao (7/7/01)

More from Pingyao (7/7/01)

Qiaojiabao Village and Shuangta Temple (7/8/01)

Summer Palace (7/14/01)

Strange But True Dormlife (7/17/01)

Ben's Birthday (7/20/01)

Ethnic Restaurants, etc (7/23/01-7/28/01)

Qufu; Confucius Home, Temple, and Forest (8/4/01)

Qufu; Confucius Temple (8/4/01)

Taishan (8/5/01)

End of Term Pictures (8/14-16/01)

End of Term Pictures (8/16/01)




Interesting Links:


Health in Beijing:

Contacting your family and friends in China.


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If you have any concerns or suggestions please e-mail either Professor Sehrt, this year's Program Director, or Ben Steele, this year's Assistant Teacher. She or I will be happy to answer any questions.


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