August 3, 2000 Thursday




Both Professor Mowry and I are feeling much better this weekend. Thank you for those of you who wished us well. On Monday I had to take a student to see an expatriate doctor at the AEA because she injured herself while riding horses in Inner Mongolia. The doctor said she was fine, fortunately. Last weekend several students received bruises and scrapes on their inner thighs and ankles after they rode horses. I was told that sitting on the saddle was like sitting on a piece of wood. They are all recovering nicely now. Aside from these, I have only heard of a case of overnight La Duzi (diarrhea) and a chronic headache.



Only two more weeks of school! Some students can't wait for it to be over while others are thinking "hey, the fun's just starting.!" One student told me this evening that she can't study for more than 5 minutes at a time. Sounds like a case of burnout to me. I mean, 4 consecutive Dartmouth terms is a lot for anyone. Hang in there guys, it's almost over!

Otmar is here, and that means that the digital video camera is also here! Perfect timing, Otmar, because the majority of the students are well into their projects. Today I helped a student with their final script for their project. Also, yesterday I assisted another group with their interview, which actually took place in a crowded McDonald's. Many groups have already conducted their interviews with Chinese people and are now just waiting for the filming. In fact, tomorrow morning Otmar has been asked to wake up at 6 in the morning to film one group's final project: Taichi.

Can't wait to see all the polished products.



Tonight a bunch of the FSPers cooked "breakfast" at 9pm. They called it a study break because so many of them are preparing for tomorrow's big exam in Chinese class. Many are also reviewing their notes for Professor's Mowry's second exam next Tuesday. Their breakfast consisted of French bread with maple syrup (courtesy of Inge from the language lab at Dartmouth College), omelettes, bacon, sausage, and of course OJ. Fortunately for us, our dorm has a small kitchen with a few propane burners for student use.

Okay, now that your stomachs are full, back to work!



This weekend is a free for all! There are no official FSP trips anywhere so students can basically do whatever they want. Personally, I will be visiting a friend in Zhengzhou, a large city about 600 miles southwest of Beijing. Accompanying me are 3 students who are going because in the vicinity of the city is the famous Buddhist Kung Fu temple ShaoLin. Their final project is on Chinese Kung Fu so this is a golden opportunity for them to conduct interviews and do some filming. Other plans for this weekend that I heard some kids mentioning are trips to another section of the wall, to Qingdao (of Tsingdao Beer fame), Tianjin (a port city only 2 hours away from the capital), and some last minute shopping!

Whatever you do this weekend, don't forget to have fun!