July 27, 2000 Thursday




This week hasn't seen too many problems with the students. However, we, the administrative part of the FSP (i.e. Professor Mowry and myself) have been feeling under the weather. I'm not so bad, just some sniffles and a sore throat. It only started this morning and I'm sure this will go away by tomorrow. The person we should worry about is Professor Mowry. She's had a sore throat, headaches, and a fever for the last three days. On Tuesday and Thursday she only taught the first half of her class because she felt so ill. Let's keep Professor Mowry in our thoughts and hope that she gets well soon.



All the students realize that we're more than halfway done with courses for the summer. It's a sobering thought because it's about the time when they start evaluating how much they're learning and how much they're able to retain or use in their daily lives here.

Most students have already started real work for their final projects in Professor Mowry's class. Some students have been interviewing while others have been taking pictures with the FSP digital camera. In a week or so they'll also have access to a digital video camera when Otmar, the director of the language laboratory at Dartmouth College, comes to Beijing. We'll certainly keep you updated as to the possibility of putting their projects up on the web.



Last weekend the nine of us had a fabulous time in Shanghai. We spent the night in the home of Mindy's parents, who graciously provided a van to pick us up from the train station, made dinner and breakfast for us, and allowed us to all crash in their apartment. Please take a look at the pictures to see what types of adventures we had!

Other groups reported great outings to Da Tong and Da Lian, while those who chose to remain in Beijing also had fun climbing another section of the Great Wall, shopping at Pan Jia Yuan Chinese flea market, or just chilling and enjoying the beautiful weather we had last weekend.

On Monday we had an official FSP trip to the Lama Temple (Yong He Gong) and the White Clouds Daoist Temple. Unfortunately, we only had 6 come along, but those of us who went enjoyed ourselves.

The big news for this week is the upcoming weekend trip to Inner Mongolia. Out of the 29 FSPers, 27 will be taking the overnight train up to Hohhot, the provincial capital of Inner Mongolia. This is the perfect time of year to visit this region because the weather is supposed to be perfect (forecast is a low of 19 C and a high of 30 C). We're also fortunate to be there at this time because right now they are holding their annual Mongolian Culture Festival. We'll be able to see traditional dance, have traditional meals, stay in a Mongolian yurt, and even ride horses across endless grassy plains. We're going to have such a wonderful time. Please keep an eye out for pictures on Monday!

That's all for now! Naa Noo, Naa Noo. J