Topics in Hebrew Literature and Culture(Senior seminar)
Language in time of revolution: The rebirth of spoken Hebrew
Lewis Glinert
Office: 305 Bartlett Hall


The rebirth of Hebrew early this century as a mother tongue, after nearly 2000 years, is an event unique in sociolinguistic history. It happened through a constellation of radical political and ethnic aspirations, dire economic forces, and educational circumstances that may never be repeated, but none of which are in any way 'miraculous'. This course examines how it happened, through the eyes of those who made it happen and contemporary sociolinguists and historians, and draws conclusions for language policy in other developing societies.

No knowledge of Hebrew is required.


You will be given various papers to photocopy.

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* If you have any questions about this course, you can reach Prof. Glinert at Lewis.H.Glinert@Dartmouth.EDU.

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