Topics in Modern Hebrew Literature
Intro to Israeli Culture: Literature, Music, Film
Lewis Glinert
Office: 305 Bartlett Hall


This course is a wide-ranging survey of Israeli literature, cinema and popular music against their social and historical backdrop of state-building, war, secular-religious strife, and the Holocaust. In seeking to build a society on a radically self-reliant, secular Jewish self-image, Israelis have created a culture that is a complex interplay of traditional Jewish cultures, Mid Eastern, Western and East European motifs, and features that are uniquely Israeli. You will study the meaning made of Masada, the Sabra, the Kibbutz, the celebration of landscape, labor, and Biblical memory. The arts of the last 30 years reflect a rapid Westernization -- and now the trauma of the Gulf War, the death of Yitzhak Rabin and expectations of peace have injected turmoil into old certainties. No Hebrew required.

Course requirement

There will be a midterm and a final examination, and one or two thematic projects, for which you will do library research, write up your findings and describe them briefly in class.


You will be given various papers to photocopy.

The following books are required and can be purchased at the bookstore:

The following have been placed on 24-hour reserve in Baker Library:



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* If you have any questions about this course, you can reach Prof. Glinert at Lewis.H.Glinert@Dartmouth.EDU.

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