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  • Kevin Ryu ’18 (Japanese modified with Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies), Taisho University, Winter 2016
  • Kevin RyuThis winter, I was fortunate enough to be the first Dartmouth student to travel to Japan on a Goldstein Internship. I spent my off-term at Taisho University in Tokyo and interned for Professor Ito, an expert in culture and gender. My work included giving presentations (In Japanese) to Professor Ito’s students on topics concerning race and gender. I also did translation work, taught English, and maintained a blog on the university website about my experiences in Japan and thoughts on various topics. Both academically and personally, Professor Ito has been an invaluable resource to turn towards. Thanks to her, I was able to meet many extraordinary gender scholars. Also, knowing that this was my first solo trip to the country, she went above and beyond to make me feel welcomed. Overall, I’d like to thank everyone I have met for giving me many precious memories to take back home with me. Towards the end of my internship, I began to conduct a bit of my own research: Japanese last names. With the Japanese Supreme Court recently ruling that married couples must share a last name, I thought it would be interesting to study how/why couples decide whose last name to use. (Photo: Kevin on the right. He is receiving a Japanese lesson from Togawa-sensei, a professor at Taisho University and a radio announcer)
Student News: Japan Track [ Vol. 07 |Vol. 06 |Vol. 05 |Vol. 04 |Vol. 03 | Vol. 02 | Vol. 01 ]