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  • Students Aid in Recovery of 3.11 (2011) Tsunami Area, August 2013
  • LSA+ Japan 2013 Tohoku Volunteering Eight students from the Language Study Abroad Program in Chiba/Tokyo and faculty member Jim Dorsey spent five days volunteering in the northeastern (tōhoku) region of Japan, helping in the recovery efforts in regions devastated by the earthquake and tsunami that struck the region on 11 March 2011 Bunking in the volunteer center attached to the Nishi Honganji Temple in Sendai City, the crew worked in both the Natori and Wakabayashi areas. Alongside a steady stream of volunteers from Musashino University and elsewhere, the Dartmouth team pulled weeds, sort washed up debris for recycling, and restored a vegetable plot. The work was backbreaking, but made worthwhile by frequent, sincere words of thanks-arigatoo gozaimashita-from the local residents. Read more in the article featured in the Dartmouth Now:
  • "How to Avoid a Bonfire of the Humanities"
    'English majors are exactly the people I'm looking for,' one successful Silicon-Valley entrepreneur recently told me.
  • Click here to read a recent Op-Ed, from The Wall Street Journal, October 24, 2012. Good reasons to major in DAMELL, too.
  • Dartmouth College stands with Japan
  • Dartmouth College stands with Japan. Spring 2011 In response to the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on 11 March 2011, various organizations at the college and in the town of Hanover have been working to raise money to help. On Monday, April 4, the Dartmouth Japan Society and the Dartmouth Asian Organization co-hosted a banquet in Collis Commonground to raise funds and to increase awareness of the disaster and the current situation in Japan. Various speakers, ranging from undergraduate and graduate students to faculty and President Kim spoke, and various performance groups offered entertainment in hopes of drawing more people to the event. Proceeds from ticket and raffle sales will all be donated to relief efforts in Japan. Dartmouth College stands with Japan.
  • Student News Update
  • Click "Student News: Japan Track" to see what DAMELL students in the Japanese track have been doing recently in Japan.


  • Residency at the Chinese Language House (CLH)
  • Would you like to practice your Chinese? Why not consider the Chinese Language House (36 North Main St)? Residency at the House is intended for students of Chinese language only.

  • Nihongo Table
  • Every Tuesday, 1-2 pm, 218 Collis.
    For anyone who is interested in Japan or speaking in Japanese, Japanese teachers and students will meet you for a casual chat!

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