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Christopher Hanscom

Christopher Hanscom

Assistant Professor (Korean)
B.A., Cornell University; M.A., Ph.D., UCLA

  • Joined the faculty in 2007.

Academic Interests

  • Literary history of Korea; colonial period fiction and modernist theories of literature and language, with a focus on the specific context of modernity and its critique; contemporary discourses of nationalism and class; comparative Korean and Japanese modern literatures; contemporary Korean cinema.

Selected Courses

  • Korean 61: Topics in Modern Korean Literature and Culture: "Introduction to Modern Korean Literature"
  • Korean 63: Topics in Modern Korean Film: "Introduction to Korean Film"
  • AMES 11: Introduction to Korean Culture
  • AMES 21: Topics in Korean Studies: "Humor in Twentieth Century Korean Literature and Film"

Selected Publications

  • "Neurasthenia as a Mediating Discourse of Modernity" (Kûndaesông ûi maegaejôk tamnonûrosô singyông soeyak e taehan yebijôk koch'al), in Research on Korean Literature (Hanguk munhak yôngu), December 2005.
  • Translation: Ch'oe Chaesô, "The Expansion and Deepening of Realism: On Scenes from a Streamside and 'Wings'" (1936), for the collected translations of the Working Group on Korean Colonial History and Criticism, UCLA.
  • Translation: "The Tale of the Origin of the Chesôk Gods," in Myths of Korea, edited by Peter H. Lee (Seoul: Jimoondang, 2000).