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Levi Gibbs

Levi Gibbs

Assistant Professor (Chinese)
B.A., Wesleyan University (East Asian Studies)
M.A. and Ph.D., Ohio State University (East Asian Languages and Literatures)

  • Joined the faculty in 2013.

Academic Interests

  • Chinese Oral Traditions; Folklore Studies; Modern Chinese Language and Literature; Regional Identity

Selected Courses

  • Chinese 61.02: Love and Desire in Modern Chinese Literature
  • Chinese 63.02: Traditional Performance in China: Past and Present
  • Chinese 2, 3: First-Year Chinese
  • Chinese 10: Introduction to Chinese Culture

Selected Publications

  • Song King: Connecting People, Places, and Past in Contemporary China (book manuscript)
  • "Culture Paves the Way, Economics Comes to Sing the Opera: Chinese Folk Duets and Global Joint Ventures." Asian Ethnology (forthcoming).
  • Victor Mair, Mark Bender, Levi Gibbs, Peace Lee, and Fu Haihong. "Folklore and Popular Culture." In Oxford Bibliographies in Chinese Studies. Ed. Tim Wright. New York: Oxford University Press, 2014.