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Levi Gibbs

Levi Gibbs

Assistant Professor (Chinese)
B.A., Wesleyan University (East Asian Studies)
M.A. and Ph.D., Ohio State University (East Asian Languages and Literatures)

  • Joined the faculty in 2013.

Academic Interests

  • Chinese folklore
  • Folklore studies
  • Modern Chinese language and literature
  • The history of Chinese folksong collection
  • Conceptions of the "Folk" and the relation between folk and elite

Selected Courses

  • Chinese 61: Love and Desire in Modern Chinese Literature
  • Chinese 63: Traditional Performance in China: Past and Present
  • Chinese 3: First-Year Chinese

Selected Publications

  • Levi Gibbs is currently working on a book project that focuses on the life and songs of the "Folksong King of Western China," Wang Xiangrong, looking at the role of "song kings" in connecting people, places, past and present.