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Chinese Language House

Chinese Language House

The Chinese Language House, located at 36 North Main St, is an environment which coordinates a living space with a shared interest in Asian culture. With six bedrooms accomodating a total of eight students, the house allows for close interaction on a daily basis with the live-in Resident Director from Beijing Normal University. The primary language of communication is Chinese.

Each resident's cooperation with the Resident Director and the other inhabitants is essential to the success of the Chinese Language House. Ideally all students help plan for, and participate in, activities during their stay. A long-running activity has been the Cooking Group, a rotation utilizing the House's kitchen for group meals. Each year new goals and objectives are developed through conversations among the DAMELL Chair, Chinese Language House Committee, Resident Director, and Student Liaison.

* Residency at the House is intended for students of Chinese language only.

More information for Residency at CHINESE LANGUAGE HOUSE (CLH).

For information and applications, contact Gerard Bohlen in the AMELL department office, 101D Bartlett Hall.