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MAHA Arabic Language Community

MAHA Arabic Language Community (ALC) is a residential community dedicated to fully immersing students into the Arabic language as a supplement to scholarship in the classroom. The residential aspect of this program supplies a 24/7 opportunity for students of all proficiency levels, along with the guidance of the Live-In Student Liaisons, to engage in informal, intellectual Arabic conversation. While it is impossible to imitate a specific Middle Eastern and North African lifestyle due to the myriad cultural variations throughout the Middle East, the program allows residents to explore not only the linguistic but also the cultural diversity of this region as a whole. Seeking to foster an atmosphere encouraging all levels of Arabic study, this program will be inclusive of a wide range of students: those preparing for and returning from an Arabic study abroad program, as well as those who do not have the opportunity to study abroad in an Arabic speaking country. MAHA ALC will be a center of collaborative study for Arabic language and Middle Eastern culture at Dartmouth College.

* Residency at the House is intended for students of Arabic language only.

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For information and applications, contact Gerard Bohlen in the AMELL department office, 101D Bartlett Hall.