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DAMELL and its program in Japanese congratulate Tim Yang ('03) and Scott Mollett ('03). These graduating seniors, both double-majoring in Japanese and History, have been awarded Fulbright Grants for a year of research at Japanese universities.

Tim, working with Prof. Washburn in Japanese and consulting with Prof. Ericson in History, is completing a senior honors thesis on the Japanese high school history textbook controversy. Once he leaves for Japan in September, he'll focus on the historical representations of the Northern Territories, the island chain stretching north from Japan's Hokkaido.

Scott, working with Prof. Dorsey in Japanese and consulting with Prof. Ericson in History, is also doing an honors thesis. His topic concerns the evolution of representations of General Nogi Maresuke, part old time samurai and part modern military man. Scott will expand on this topic for the Fulbright, drawing the Meiji thinker Okakura Tenshin into his equation.

Tim Yang ('03)

Scott Mollett ('03)


On Saturday, May 4th (2002), the Dartmouth Japan Society (DJS) held the "Iron Chef" cooking competition. Based on the popular Japanese TV show of the same name (now carried regularly on the food channel), the event had three campus cooking teams face off against each other, each producing delectible morsels using eggs and eggplant. The audience was treated to a dinner show featuring the cooking teams, clever patter by M.C.s, insightful observations by judges, and a three course dinner as well. It was all simultaneously broadcast on the big screen TV. Congratulations to DJS for a fabulous event, and to "Team Spatula," which took first prize.


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