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Dartmouth Language Study Abroad in Japan
The Japan Program in DAMELL currently offers three opportunities, including the Language Study Abroad (LSA+) program for study in Japan. * DAMELL stands for Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Literatures.

LSA+ Program, Tokyo, Japan
Most Japanese language students opt to join Dartmouth's Language Study Abroad (LSA+) program, which is offered every summer. After completing three quarters of Japanese language study (or the equivalent) and Japanese 10 (Introduction to Japanese Culture), students accompany a Dartmouth faculty member to Japan for a summer term. Based on the campus of Kanda University of International Studies (KUIS) on the outskirts of Tokyo, students live with Japanese families, tour various locations, and complete three courses in Japanese language.
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LSA+ Program Student Assistant
When enrollments warrant it, the Japan Program in DAMELL sends a student assistant with the LSA+ group. In exchange for performing various clerical and operational duties, the student assistant's roundtrip airfare as well as room and board is covered by the Japan program. While anyone may apply for the position, priority goes to students proficient in the Japanese language, those who have served as apprentice teachers in Japanese, and those generally active in the Japan Program in DAMELL. For more information, click here.
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    End of fall quarter:   interested students should contact either Prof. Washburn or Prof. Dorsey about serving in the following summer

Dartmouth-Keio University Exchange Program
Dartmouth also runs an exchange program with the prestigious Keio University in Tokyo, Japan. Every year one Dartmouth student is selected to attend Keio's intensive language course; there are also opportunities to take other Japan related courses, taught either in English or Japanese. To date, Keio University has kindly nominated the Dartmouth student for a Mombusho (Japanese Ministry of Education) Scholarship, the receipt of which has provided substantial financial assistance for students on this program. While anyone may apply, priority goes to students who have demonstrated a serious commitment to the study of Japanese and Japan.
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Off-Campus Activities
Name: Tony Campbell
TEL: (603) 643-1202
Email: Tony.Campbell@dartmouth.edu
Address: 6102 Wentworth Dartmouth College Hanover, NH 03755

Or contact Prof. Dennis Washburn, Prof. James Dorsey


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