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About Japanese Courses
DAMELL's Japan program offers a full range of language, literature and culture courses as well as a variety of opportunities to study in Japan. The language program is semi intensive, with an emphasis on oral communication in the first year and an increasing concern with the written language as students progress to the second, third, and fourth year levels. After the first year of language study, most students opt to join our Language Study Abroad (LSA+) program in Tokyo, where they do the equivalent of second-year Japanese while living with Japanese families, experiencing Japanese culture, and touring the country.

As for literature and culture courses, the program offers Japanese 10 ("Introduction to Japanese Culture") every spring. This course covers a wide variety of Japan-related topics and does so through everything from literary texts and anthropological studies to Japanese animation and comics. Our other offerings cover topics in the following time periods: classical, early-modern, and 20th century. The focus in these classes varies, so check the sample syllabi elsewhere on this site. None of the culture or literature courses requires knowledge of the Japanese language, and anyone may enroll.

* DAMELL stands for Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Literatures.

Japanese courses offered this year

Japanese courses syllabus
Japanese Language Japanese Literature & Culture
Japanese 1 First Year Japanese Japanese 10/AMES13 Introduction to Japanese Culture
Japanese 2
Japanese 3
LSA+ 22 Second Year Japanese Japanese 61 Topics in 20th Century Japanese Literature and Culture
LSA+ 23
LSA+ 29
Japanese 31 Third Year Japanese Japanese 62 Topics in Early Modern Japanese Literature and Culture
Japanese 32
Japanese 33
Japanese 41 Fourth Year Japanese Japanese 63 Topics in Classical Japanese Literature and Culture
Japanese 42
Japanese 43
Japanese 51 Special/Advanced Japanese Japanese 81 Topics in Japanese Literature and Culture
Japanese 52
Japanese 59

Japanese Exercises

Major and Minor
For students interested in an extended exploration of Japan, the program offers both a minor and a major. Graduates of the program have gone on to everything from law school in California and a job at Panasonic in Osaka to computer game designer in Tokyo and investment banker in New York.


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