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We've got bourbon that'll knock you on your butt!
--Mayor Jerry Abramson, Louisville, KY

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Howdy Podners! Welcome!

I'm the Bourbon Cowboy. Jesse, to my friends. I am a computer tech at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. I live in the picture postcard village of East Corinth, Vermont with my wife, Jennifer, and my German Shepherd dawg, Blackberry Brandy.

Feel free to browse around, read some of my rantings and ravings, meet some of my friends, and check out the links to some of my favorite Internet sites.

Mutants Of Thee Road Atlas
If you are a music fan who has never heard of the Ominous Seapods then please allow me to introduce you to my favorite mutated North Country Rock 'n' Roll band!


The Bourbon Cowboy Revealed!
The mystery behind the man. Origins of the nicknames of The Old B.C.


Cowboy Wisdom
A little advice for making your way through this crazy world.


Bourbons & Brews
What's my favorite bourbon?
Links to my favorite whiskeys and microbrews.


Poetry & Prose
A sampling of columns, essays, dissertations & poetry I have written.

Dancing FlapperDancing HobbesJukebox

Favorite Music
Links to musicians I enjoy.


Sausage Links
Mmm-Mmm Good! A sampling of my favorites.
You never sausage links as these!


The Best Chili in Town!
My rating of chili sampled at various establishments.
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Whiskey Barrels
I Dream of Jeannie
Sausage Links

Flaming Cauldron

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