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I love chili! I love to cook chili, and I love to eat a good, hearty bowl of chili, accompanied by a nice, fresh microbrew! A true Taste Sensation Overload! I have my own chili recipe, which has won 2nd Place & 3rd Place awards in Chili Cook-offs (never won the Blue Ribbon - yet!). You won't find my recipe here for two reasons. First - because it's a secret, and second, because while the basic recipe doesn't change, my chili is never exactly the same twice. My recipe is constanly changing and evolving based on what ingredients are available at the time of preparation.

Being a chili connoisseur I often like to sample the chili at various establishments that I visit. Below is my attempt at ranking some of the chili I have tasted. Ratings are based on a Five-star system (5 Flaming Cauldrons being the highest, 1 Cauldron the lowest).


McGillicudy's Irish Pub, Montpelier, Vermont
Date sampled: October 16, 1998

This chili was served in about a half-cup of liquid fat. It consisted of ground beef in liquid fat, and had almost no flavor. Perhaps the menu should have listed it as "Hamburger Soup" rather than chili. There was one or two kidney beans in the liquid which leads me to believe that this was perhaps the last of a batch. At any rate it was very disappointing.

5 Olde Nugget Alley, Hanover, NH
Date sampled: Several times from 1983 - 1998.

This is average chili. Better than some, and better than Hormel, but nothing to get excited about. Ground beef, beans, seasonings. If you like it spicy, bring your own additives (I carry a stash of ground Scotch Bonnet Pepper Powder wherever I go for situations such as these).

7 Barrel Brewery, West Lebanon, NH
Date sampled: Many times from whenever they opened (1996?) thru 1998.

This is simply the best chili I have ever had at a commercial establishment - bar none! They use chunks of buffalo meat, very tender and tasty. For those who like their chili on the spicy side, as I do, it is highly recommended.
copyright © 1999 David A. Merrill, RisquÈ Business Enterprises.
All rights reserved.
Updated: 8/99

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