You Never Sausage Links as These!

Some of my favorite Internet sites


Ominous Seapods


Cool Links
What is Bourbon?
Jim Beam Small Batch


Supporting Free Speech on the Net


  Made with Macintosh

Like what you see?
The Bourbon Cowboy
is available to design your Web site.
E-mail for details.


LynnGuppy The Twisted World of LynnGuppy!

  The Merry-Go-Round
Take wild a ride on the Merry Go Round. A terrific on-line Webzine (that has published some of my work!).


PauseRecord Another fine Webzine, dedicated to music.
Your on-line source for live tapes.


"Judge" Rudy Jallio runs the "kindest" club in Las Vegas. Legends Lounge, Las Vegas


The Music Never Stops
KPFK 90.7 FM--Los Angeles - Friday Nights 8-11 PM
A radio program that features concert recordings of the Grateful Dead, contemporary Jam-Rock, and miscellaneous psychedelia.


The Home Grown Music Network Festivals, events & on-line music catalog. If you contact them, be sure to say "Howdy" to my friends Marcie & Lee!


Ben & Jerry's Vermont-made Ice Cream.
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