Wetlands Preserve, New York City, NY

by Eugene Accardo

It was another great night at Wetlands! It was nice too see at least a small representation of Pod-Net at the show. Specifically, LynnGuppy (thanks for the Pez!), Dan Nooter and Jeff Buchholz.

Did anyone see the opening band In-A-Sense? I thought they were pretty good. They were very polished. They could have jammed a little more though.

Here is the setlist which has a few things Dan missed in his.

Set I: Sad Sad Corner, Josephines Grand Motion, Waiting 4 the Bomb to Drop, Keep In Mind -> Anything Is Possible, I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon, Leaving the Monopole, Waiting Room, Downtown, Jet Smooth Ride

Set II: Cancelled, Seymour -> 3rd Stone from the Sun Tease -> Jam -> Animal, Final Destination, John Henry's Hammer, Sally Simpson, Blackberry Brandy, Hey Donny Osmond-> Staying Alive -> Hey Donny Osmond, Pull From Adirondack Blue, Abraham Unlevenhead

Enc: Room of Ruins

and Comments:

I thought the jam segue from K.I.M. to Anything is Possible was awesome! They really jammed hard. Josephine also had some very powerful jamming in it. Other then those the 1st set was standard but the boys did play very tight and upbeat. Have they ever played Downtown before?

For the 2nd set I don't know what "3rd Stone form the Sun Tease" means, but I will take Dan's word on it. In any case, whatever they were doing between Seymour and Animal was a seperate jam not just a segue. I was glad to hear Final Destination again. I think they should play it more often. The John Henry Hammer was very sick. It did have a long intro because Dana broke a string. After the lyrics in the begining Ted went into a drum solo followed by incredible jamming by all of the band. Ted was really pounding the drum kit at this point. The jam ended with Max doing some great stuff with the glass slide. Max screamed the ending lyrics at a higher pitch then usual. This JHH was about 18min long. They reall only did one chorus of Staying Alive but I listed it as a song in the middle of Hey Donny Osmond anyway. At least they had the disco ball going fo it. The Abraham Unlevenhead was my 1st. What a fun song. In this version Max as Abraham comes to New York and gets suckered in by Dana into drinking cold soup from a dumpster that is spiked with drugs. It was a classic 2nd set.

I did tape the show. I was trying to do a soundboard/audience mix. It ended out coming out more like a pure audience mix. It is a little boomy and heavy on drums and bass. I rate it an 8 out of 10. I will offer it to people on podnet but not for a while. I am busy as hell right now and have a vacation coming up. Look for a post about it late in November.