Meet The Seapods!

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Ominous Seapods are a five-piece progressive rock and roll/funk/jazz/bluegrass/Sci-Fi/disco band of musical chameleons from Albany, New York.

Since 1993, Ominous Seapods have amassed a substantial grass-roots following by touring the country to play more than 200 clubs, festivals and college shows each year. Hailed by Spin Magazine as "the best of the New Renaissance of Jam Bands", this Plattsburgh-hatched, Albany- raised band of road warriors is poised to ride its "must-see live" reputation far into the new millennium.

Dana Monteith
guitar & vocals
Monty Roberts
Ominous Seapods logo Thomas J. Pirozzi
bass & vocals
The Old T.P.
Ominous Seapods logo Ted Marotta
drums & percussion
Superstar Ted!
Ominous Seapods logo
Todd Pasternack
guitar & vocals
Todd the 'Pod
Ominous Seapods logo Brian Mangini
The Dark Horse

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