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August 6, 1999

St. Louis, Missouri

1. Call to order by Jeff Osborn, Chair at 7:50 am.

2. Minutes of the 1998 Business Meetings were approved.

3. Report on the Bibliography of American Paleobotany for 1998 .

Pat Herendeen provided the following report: "The Bibliography of American Paleobotany for 1998 was distributed in April, 1999. This number has 4 more pages of citations than 1997, as well as remembrances for Harlan Banks and Daniel Axelrod. Thanks to Karl Niklas, David Dilcher, Howard Schorn, Pat Fields and Diane Erwin for preparing the tributes. If you have not received it, this is probably be cause dues are late or the address is wrong. Please check address and e-mail and send updates to Steve Manchester or Pat Herendeen. Special thanks to those of you who have taken the little additional time to follow the established format. A consistent format is important, and it takes a significant amount of time to prepare the bibliography and I appreciate your efforts in making these as easy and quick as possible."

4. Report on the status of the Section - Secretary.

5. Treasurer's Report - Treasurer.

See attached report (available from the Secretary-Treasurer - see below for address). Financial standing is good. The total balance in our accounts as of June 30, 1999 was $66,678, up by $8472.50 from the previous year. This includes, however, the combined 1999 and 2000 BSA allotments (700 x 2 = $1400), which was allowed to provide more flexibility in handling expenses related to the IBC. This year's expenditures included $2160 for the support of students attending IBC, and $2022.50 support for five symposia.

6. 1999 BSA Council Meeting - Secretary. Several items from the Council mtg were summarized:

New officers for the BSA include our own Pat Gensel as President Elect, and Jeff Osborn as Program Director. Karl Niklas agreed to serve a second term as editor of American Journal of Botany. There will be an opening for Plant Science Bulletin editor; if you are interested to be a candidate for this position, please contact one of the BSA officers. Editorship of PSB is open, as Joe Leverich ends his term on 31 December. Please contact Allison Snow (Chair), Donald Galitz, or Joe Armstrong, the if you would like to be a candidate for this position.

Upcoming BSA Meeting dates and sites. In general, the plan is to keep holding the annual meeting during the first week of August. The sites for the upcoming years are as follows:

2000 Portland, OR
2001 Albuquerque, NM
2002 Madison, WI
2003 perhaps a location in the southeastern US.

Next year's meeting in Portland will be the first to be planned independently from AIBS. Wayne Ellisons is meeting coordinator and will working together with Jeff Osborn (Program Director) to plan a meeting as flawless as possible. Conferon company will handle registration and much of the logistics. Online abstract submission and program compilation will be handled by Scott Russell, who already put into effect an excellent system for the 1998 Baltimore meetings.

BSA financial standing is good, with $1.8 million assets, but membership is down by 224 from a year ago. This may correspond in part to the recent dues increase.

There is a proposal pending to change the beginning of the fiscal year from June 1 to September 1.

American Journal of Botany is now online through the BSA web pages.

Also, the Botanical Society of America image library is on line. Check it out:

BSA Image library

Fire sale of back issues AJB. Excess issues at the Business Office will be destroyed soon. The issues are available for the cost of shipping. Especially useful as donation to libraries for our colleagues in developing nations. Contact Kim Hiser at the BSA business office for details.

7. Announcements - Chair.

a. Upcoming meetings

* VII International Symposium on Mesozoic Terrestrial Ecosystems; Buenos Aires; Sept. 25-October 1, 1999.

* The 17th Midcontinent Paleobotanical Colloquium will be co-hosted by the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill & North Carolina State University, Raleigh on May 5-7, 2000, hosted by Pat Gensel, Elisabeth Wheeler and Jim Mickle.

* 10th International Palynological Congress; Nanjing, China; June 24-30, 2000
* IOPC-VI; Qinhuangdao of Heibei, China; July 31-August 3, 2000

* Botanical Society of America; Portland, OR; August 6-10, 2000

* North American Paleontological Convention; Berkeley, CA; 2001
* Albuquerque BSA; 2002

b. Student Membership. Our section provided the largest amount of financial support for our students attending IBC--more than any other section of the BSA. In addition, our students are eligible for the BSA Karling Student Research Awards. Jeff Osborn summarized that this year there were 43 student applicants and 10 Karling Awards (although this year none of the wards went to paleobotany section members). Members of the Paleobotanical Section are encouraged to apply in future years. Jeff reminded members to encourage their students to join the Paleobotanical Section if they are not already members, one of the benefits being the possibility to apply for such financial awards.

c. Deaths of members. Daniel Axelrod, Harlan Banks and Albert Long passed away during this past year. A moment of silence was observed.

9. Old Business - Chair

a. The Paleobotanical Section became a member society of the American Geological Institute (AGI) in November, 1998, Our representative to AGI is Robert Gastaldo. "The American Geological Institute is a nonprofit federation of 34 geoscientific and professional associations that represent more than 100,000 geologists, geophysicists, and other earth scientists. Founded in 1948, AGI provides information services to geoscientists, serves as a voice of shared interests in our profession, plays a major role in strengthening geoscience education, and strives to increase public awareness of the vital role the geosciences play in mankind's use of resources and interaction with the environment." As a member society, our members are not entitled to discounts (usually 20%) on publications of the AGI including the journal Geotimes and various books. More details can be found on the AGI web site:

b. Previous meetings.

Ruth Stockey reported that the Vancouver Paleo Society symposium in May 1999 was successful, bringing Amateur collectors of fossil plants together with the professional community.

Carol Gee reported that the Paleobotanical Arbeitskreis meeting in Tubigen, Germany, May 1999 was well attended and successful with a full program of presentations and posters by researchers from many European countries. Next year the Arbeitskreis will be held in Halle or Frankfurt, Germany.

10. New Business - Chair

a. Cichan Award -

The 1999 award was presented to Dr. Karen A. Renzaglia (Department of Plant Biology, Southern Illinois University) for her paper titled "Developmental ultrastructure of the male gamete of Selaginella" Co-authors on the paper are Douglas L. Bernhard and David J. Garbary.

b. The Remy and Remy award, announced by Hans Kerp, was presented to Klaus Peter Kelber, Institute of Mineralogy, and Johanna Van Konijnenburg-van Cittert for their paper entitled "Equisetites arenaceous from the upper Triassic of Germiny with evidence for reproductive strategies." The authors will receive a cash prize and certificate.

b. Nominating Committee for 1999-2000 Section Chair - Chair

Judith Skog, announced the nomination of James Basinger as new section Chairperson. Jim was elected by a unanimous vote of the members present.

c. Recognition of Service - Chair.

Many persons contributed to the success of our activities during the past year. We thank Pat Herendeen, Lisa Boucher, Cookie Trivett for their service on our IBC Student travel Award committee, and William Crepet, Ruth Stockey, and Edie Taylor for service on the Symposium support committee. For serving on the Chair nominating committee we thank Judith Skog, Patrick Herendeen, and Steve Scheckler. Those who organized paleobotanically oriented symposia for IBC were also thanked: Crepet, Kerp, Chris Berry, Bill Stein, Steve Scheckler, Brigitte Meyer-Berthaud, Christopher, Ruth Stockey, Bonnie Jacobs, Richard Lupia. The nominating committee for the Chair, Judy Skog, Pat Herendeen, and Stephen Scheckler, were also thanked. Patrick Herendeen was again thanked for his continuing service as editor of the Bibliography of American Paleobotany.

Field trips. It was announced that a paleobotanical field trip to the John Day Basin of Oregon is in the early stages of planning to follow the Portland meeting of the Botanical Society of America. This met favorable response from the members present. Other possible fieldtrips are also being considered.

d. Auction -It was discussed that there might be lower than usual attendance of paleobotanical section members at the BSA meetings in Portland next year because of the International Organization of Paleobotany conference which meets the preceding week in China. In addition, Dan Chaney, who was so successful as auction coordinator and auctioneer in Baltimore, will be unable to attend the Portland meeting. As a result, it was decided to postpone our next auction until the 2001 annual meeting.

e. Travel Support for IOPC. The membership voted to allocate $10,000 for the support of student members attending the International Organization of Paleobotany Conference to be held in Qinhuangdao, China next summer. The secretary-treasurer is to establish a committee to decide on the procedures for application, selection criteria and the number and amount of individual awards to be awarded.

11. Adjournment at 8:45 am.

Dr. Steven R. Manchester
Florida Museum of Natural History
Dickinson Hall;
Museum Rd. and Newell Dr.
PO Box 117800
University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida 32611-7800
Phone 352 392-6564; Fax 352 846-0287

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