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presented at The Botanical Society of America Council Meeting

August 2, 1998 * Baltimore, Maryland

The Paleobotanical Section currently has 343 members (265 regular members, 18 emeritus regular members, 39 affiliate members, 4 emeritus affiliate members, and 17 honorary members). This represents an increase of 37 members since last year.

The Section has a program for the Baltimore meeting with 38 contributed papers, 3 posters, and an informal presentation session. Of the contributed papers, 13 are student papers which will all be in competition for the Isabel Cookson Award, and 6 will be in competition for the Maynard Moseley Award. In addition, many members of Section will be presenting papers in other sections and participating in several symposia. The Section will hold its annual mixer and banquet on Monday evening, August 3, 1997. The Second Annual Paleobotanical Auction will immediately follow the banquet. Items to be auctioned will be those donated by members and friends of the Section and will include materials such as books, reprints, photographs, slides, humorous items, etc. Student presenters received complimentary tickets to the Paleobotanical Banquet. The annual business meeting is scheduled for 2:00 pm on Tuesday, August 4, 1998. The Section also sponsored a pre-meeting tour of the paleobotanical happenings at the National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian Institution) and George Washington University, both in Washington, DC.

During the past year the Paleobotanical Section has been raising money for its various endowment funds, with special emphasis on the Winfried Remy and Renata Remy Fund. This fund was established in 1997 and will endow the Remy and Remy Award, for the best published paper in Paleobotany or Palynology during the foregoing year. The Section received two applications for Karling Student Research Awards this year, one of which was funded to Susana Magallon-Puebla (University of Chicago). The Paleobotanical Section has also recently inquired about formally affiliating with the American Geological Institute.

The Bibliography of American Paleobotany for 1997 was mailed to members and to 38 institutional subscribers in May 1998. Copies will be provided for the BSA Archives and for the editor of the Plant Science Bulletin. Others may purchase copies for $18 each.

During the past year the Section has also continued to maintain a Paleobotany News List (PALEOBOT) on the internet and a homepage on the World Wide Web. To subscribe to the list, interested persons should send an e-mail message to containing the following message: < subscribe PALEOBOT your name >. The WWW homepage can be visited at http://www.dartmouth.ed/~daghlian/paleo or via the BSA homepage.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey M. Osborn, Secretary-Treasurer
Paleobotanical Section, Botanical Society of America

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