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August 6, 1997 * Montréal, Canada


1. Call to order and comments from the Chair: The meeting was called to order at 10:35 am by Garland R.Upchurch.

2. Approval of minutes of the 1996 Business Meetings (distributed by mail in January 1997): The minutes were approved.

3. Report on the Bibliography of American Paleobotany for 1996- Editor: Pat Herendeen reported that he had distributed the Bibliography by mail to paid members of the Section prior to the meeting. He requested that members update their e-mail addresses in the Section's database and encouraged the submission of future citations by e-mail.

4. Report of the status of the Section - Secretary: See enclosed "Annual Report of the Paleobotanical Section."

5. Treasurer's Report - Treasurer: See enclosed "Treasurer's Report."

6. Summary of BSA Council Meeting - Secretary:
Several items from the BSA Council meeting were noted. These include:

Future Meeting Dates and Sites: 1998 - August 2-6 in Baltimore, MD (with AIBS and the Ecological Society of Amer.). The 1998 meeting will also feature the first use of on-line submission of abstracts and titles. 1999 - August 1-7 in St. Louis, MO (in conjunction with the International Botanical Congress [IBC]). The BSA program will include banquets, business meetings, and posters, but no contributed papers. Pete Crane (member of IBC Planning Committee) encouraged section members to submit symposium suggestions so that Paleobotany will be represented in the IBC program. Members were also encouraged to submit ideas for IBC field trips. 2000 - in Portland, OR. This meeting will be the first that the BSA will organize itself; to aid in the process, a consultant and a meetings organizing firm have been selected.

Karling Graduate Student Research Grants: This was the first year that these grants were awarded. There were 15 applications and 2 awards of $500 each. No student proposals from the Paleobotanical Section were submitted. Students were encouraged to apply in 1998.

American Journal of Botany: The American Journal of Botany (AJB) will have a new cover design beginning Jan. 1, 1998; it will have an almost full-cover color illustration. The Editor had recently conducted a survey of institutional subscribers who had dropped the journal within the past year or so. Based on the results of the survey, members are encouraged to formally check-out the journal from their home institutions' libraries.

Ethics Committee: The Council passed new Ethics Guidelines; these will be published in the BSA Directory.

New BSA Officers: Carol Baskin had been elected President-Elect and
that Pam Soltis had been elected Secretary.

Education Committee: It was reported that the BSA Education Committee had been very busy this year and that several recommendations would be published in the Plant Science Bulletin (PSB).

Electronic Publication: The BSA has established a standing committee to address electronic publication. It was announced that AJB abstracts are on-line now, that the PSB will be on-line in-full in the very near future, and that members will be surveyed about placing the AJB on-line in entirety, but when it happens it will likely be an additional cost for those members who want this feature.

New Council Representative: It was announced that Scott Russell (Univ. of Oklahoma) was elected to serve as the Council Representative on the BSA Executive Committee. Chuck Daghlian had been serving in this position.

7. Reports on recent conferences - Chair

a. Mid-Continent Paleobotany Colloquium (MCPC): Gar Rothwell reported that approximately 50 people attended the meeting. In addition to contributed papers, Aureal Cross and Don Eggert presented keynotes and there was a workshop on digital imaging.

b. Association of North American Paleontological Associations (ANAPS): Bill DiMichele reported that he had been elected Secretary of ANAPS and that the Section could elect a new representative, which would give us two voices. Bill nominated Gary Upchurch for this position; the nomination was seconded and Gary was elected. Bill also announced that the next NAPC will be held in 2001 in Berkeley, CA.

c. Other: None were discussed.

8.Announcements - Chair

a. Upcoming meetings
* 1998 Mid-Continent Paleobotany Colloquium (15th Annual); Denver, CO; 8-10 May 1998. The 1998 MPC will be held at the Denver Museum of Natural History. For more information, contact Kirk Johnson (Dept. of Earth Sciences; DMNH; 2001 Colorado Blvd; Denver, CO 80205-5798; E-mail:; Tele: 303-370-6448; Fax: 303-331-6492)

* Pollen and Spores: Morphology and Biology (Intl. Conf.); London; 6-9 July 1998

* XVI International Botanical Congress; St. Louis, MO; 1-7 August 1999

* VII International Symposium on Mesozoic Terrestrial Ecosystems;
Buenos Aires; Sept. 1999

* Other - International Organisation of Palaeobotany Conference (IOPC-VI); Qinhuangdao of Heibei, China; 30 July -3 Aug 2000.

b. Retirements: It was announced that Don Eggert (Univ. of Illinois - Chicago Circle), Ben Stidd (Western Illinois Univ.), and Larry Matten (Southern Illinois Univ. - Carbondale) had retired this past year.

c. Other:
* Deaths: Tom Taylor announced that Winfied Remy, Gilbert
Leisman, and Maria Reymanówna had recently passed away. A moment of
silence was observed.

* New Books: Gary Upchurch announced that Dick Keating was trying to put together a book of lab techniques for structural botany (both neo- and paleobotany). Brigette Meyer-Berthaud announced that Nick Rowe was working on a similar book for paleobotany and palynology.

* Field Trip: Pat Gensel made an announcement about the departure time for the post-meeting Devonian field trip and indicated that a field guide would be available.

9. Old Business - Chair

a. Collection of Section dues by BSA Business Office -
Treasurer: Jeff Osborn announced that 1997 was the second year that the BSA Business Office was collecting Section dues, and he indicated that things were going relatively well.

b. World Wide Web home page ( and Internet listserve - Chuck Daghlian: Chuck announced that the Section has both a listserve and a WWW homepage. He noted the minor address change of the WWW homepage and indicated that various Section reports and several back issues of the Bibliography are now on-line.

c. Auction - Dan Chaney: Dan had to leave earlier in the day, so Tom Taylor discussed the auction. Tom announced that the 1st auction had been a success and thanked everyone who had contributed and bought items. Jeff Osborn announced that the auction had raised over $1,200. The Section voted to hold another auction at the 1998 meeting. Tom suggested that some items should be available just for bidding by students. Other suggestions were welcomed and should be submitted to Dan Chaney.

d. Remy & Remy Fund - Tom Taylor: Tom announced that some initial fund raising had occurred and that he would solicit funds via a letter to members of the Section and the IOP within the next year. Logistical issues about how the award will be judged will be decided within the next year by a committee, but the hope will be to give the first award in 1998.

e. Other: No additional old business was addressed.

10. New Business - Chair

a. Isabel Cookson Award - Chair: The Committee (Ruth Stockey [chair], Steve Scheckler, and Willy Taylor) announced that Sandra Borghart would receive the Cookson Award.

b. Cichan Award - Chair: Tom Taylor announced that the Cichan Award will be presented at the BSA Banquet. The award went to Brigitte Meyer-Berthaud.

c. Nominating Committee for 1997-1998 Section Chair - Chair: The Committee (Gar Rothwell [chair], Judy Skog, and Chuck Daghlian) nominated Pat Herendeen. The nomination was seconded and Pat was elected Chair for 1997-1998.

d. Recognition of Service - Chair: Gary Upchurch recognized the following people for their valuable service to the Section: the presiders of sessions at the 1997 meeting (Willy Taylor, Ruth Stockey, and Kathleen Pigg), the Isabel Cookson Award Committee (Ruth Stockey, Steve Scheckler, and Willy Taylor), the Chair Nominating Committee (Gar Rothwell, Judy Skog, and Chuck Daghlian), Pat Herendeen for serving as Editor and for getting the Bibliography out early, Chuck Daghlian, for managing the Section's listserve and WWW homepage, Dan Chaney and Tom Taylor for organizing the auction, all folks who donated or bid on auction items, Pat Gensel for leading the post-meeting field trip, and Una Smith for serving as projectionist. Jeff Osborn also thanked Gary Upchurch for serving as Chair this past year. Also thanked were those individuals who have given gifts to the Section during fiscal year 1997, including: Henry Andrews, Arthur Beyer, Peter Crane, Lucy Cranwell, Ted Delevoryas, Bob Gastaldo, Georgia Hoffman, Don Kaplan, Hans Kerp, Dave Medlyn, Gar Rothwell, Rudy Serbet, James Stichka, Edie Taylor, Tom Taylor, Bruce Tiffney, and Cookie Trivett.

e. Discussion about possible affiliation with the American Geological Institute (AGI) - Secretary & Bill DiMichele: Bill discussed some of the possible benefits about affiliating, including have a paleobotanical voice with AGI. Bill had requested literature, which he had forward to Jeff Osborn. Jeff announced that affiliation would cost the Section between $300 - $600 annually, depending on how AGI defines some of our members. It was moved and seconded that the Section formally affiliate with AGI; the motion was voted on and it passed.

f. Symposium for 1999 International Botanical Congress - Secretary: * "Biology, ecology, and systematics of Archaeopteris, a Late Devonian progymnosperm" - Steve Scheckler: Steve was planning to submit a formal proposal to the IBC for this symposium and was requesting a Section endorsement. After some discussion, the Section voted to endorse the symposium and to encourage other members to submit symposium ideas. This was again seconded by Pete Crane and Gar Rothwell, who are on the IBC Program Planning Committee.

g. Other: * Symposia for NAPC - 2001: Gary Upchurch requested that the Section attempt to organize some symposia for the NAPC in 2001. He also suggested that he could make contact with the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology in order to put together some interdisciplinary symposia. After some discussion, it was decided that this should be done informally.

* Palaeontologia Electronica: Gary Upchurch announced the creation of this new electronic journal and requested an endorsement from the Section and perhaps some monetary support. After some discussion, it was agreed to informally support the publication, but not to provide financial support at this time.

* Field Trip for the 1998 BSA Meeting in Baltimore: Pat Herendeen, along with other area paleobotanists, agreed to investigate field trip possibilities for the 1998 BSA Meeting in Baltimore.

* Financial support for students at annual meetings: Tom Taylor requested that the Section provide students who are presenting papers in the Section's sessions with tickets to the Paleobotanical Section banquet and the BSA banquet. He further suggested that the Section should look into the possibility of providing a student travel award to attend the annual meeting in the future. After some discussion, it was voted that the Section would at least provide tickets to the Paleobotanical banquet and perhaps the BSA banquet depending on the financial condition of the Section. This would be determined annually by the Secretary-Treasurer.

* International Colleagues: Edie Taylor thanked all of the international colleagues who had traveled long distances to attend the 1997 Annual BSA Meeting.

* IBC Nomenclature Session: Judy Skog encouraged people to send-in suggested taxonomic changes for the IBC Nomenclature Session in 1999.

11. Adjournment: The Business Meeting was adjourned at 11:55 am.

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