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presented at The Botanical Society of America Council Meeting

August 4, 1996 * Seattle, WA

The Paleobotanical Section currently has 289 members (212 regular members, 18 emeritus regular members, 33 affiliate members, 8 emeritus affiliate members, and 18 honorary members). This represents an increase of 59 members since last year.

During the past year the Section established a Paleobotany News List (PALEOBOT) on the internet and is currently in the final stages of preparing a homepage on the World Wide Web. Charles Daghlian, of Dartmouth College, is managing both the list and the home page. To subscribe to the list, interested persons should send an e-mail message to containing the following message:

subscribe PALEOBOT your name.

The WWW homepage can be visited at:


The Section has a program for the Seattle meeting with 12 contributed papers and is co-sponsoring the symposium on "Use of Global Morphological Characters in Green Plant Phylogeny and Evolution." The annual business meeting is scheduled for 2:15 pm on Monday, August 5; it will be followed by a mixer and dinner later in the day. The Section is also sponsoring a pre-conference field trip, led by Wesley Wehr of The Burke Museum - University of Washington, to The Ginkgo Petrified Forest at Vantage, WA.

The relatively small number of contributed papers at the Seattle meeting this year is due to the fact that over 90 members of the Section attended the Fifth Quadrennial Conference of the International Organization of Paleobotany (IOPC-V), which was held at the University of California-Santa Barbara on June 30 - July 5, 1996. In addition, the Paleobotanical Section was involved in several other aspects of the IOPC-V. The six members of the Organizing Committee are all Section members, and the Section contributed funds specifically to defray the registration costs for 25 students, half of which were international students. The Section also held a business meeting at the IOPC-V.

The Bibliography of American Paleobotany for 1995, edited by Steven R. Manchester of the University of Florida, was distributed to members at the IOPC-V and will also be available for those at the Seattle meeting. Members not attending either conference, as well as 38 institutional subscribers, will receive the Bibliography by mail. Copies will be provided for the BSA Archives and for the editor of the Plant Science Bulletin. Others may purchase copies for $18 each.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey M. Osborn, Secretary-Treasurer

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