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August 5, 1996 * Seattle, Washington


1. Call to order and comments from the Chair: The meeting was called to order at 2:20 pm by Charles Daghlian.

2. Ratification of Business Meeting Held in Santa Barbara, CA: It was moved that the Section's Business meeting, held on July 2, 1996 at the 46ifth International Organisation of Palaeobotany Conference (IOPC-V), be officially ratified. The motion was seconded and past.

3. Summary of BSA Council Meeting - Secretary:

Several items from the BSA Council meeting were noted. These include:

Future Meeting Dates and Sites: 1997 - August 4-8 in Montréal, Québec (with AIBS and the Canadian botanists);

1998 - August 2-6 in Baltimore, MD (with AIBS); 1999 - in St. Louis, MO (in conjunction with the International Botanical Congress).

BSA World Wide Web Homepage: Chuck Daghlian is chairing the BSA committee on establishing the homepage and associated issues. There are plans to place abundant information on the homepage, but several issues will need serious consideration and discussion (e.g., membership lists, articles from the American Journal of Botany, etc.). Much more discussion of these topics will be forthcoming.

American Journal of Botany: The AJB Editor reported that a reduction in font size of the "Materials and Methods" section has reduced some of the backlog of accepted papers, and that the average time from manuscript receipt to publication is 11 months (the time for a manuscript that initially receives two positive reviews is 6-7 months).

Karling Donation: Within the next year, graduate students will be eligible to apply for a new type of BSA student research grant. Look for an announcement in the Plant Science Bulletin.

Directions for the Botany for the Next Millennium Report: The Council appointed a new Education Committee that was charged to bring some explicit suggestions to the BSA Executive Committee within six months or so. There was discussion of a new BSA Laboratory Manual to be targeted for K-12 teachers. Each BSA section would develop an exercise for inclusion. (After a subsequent discussion with the Chair of the new Education Committee, the Secretary-Treasurer was encouraged to delay preparation of a laboratory exercise until the Education Committee had time to meet and make suggestions on directions for the future).

Future BSA Meetings-beyond 1999: The BSA Council passed a motion "to sever ties with AIBS as soon as possible without disrupting any pre-scheduled meetings." For all practical purposes, this means in the year 2000. A new ad hoc committee will be formed to investigate various options and to request bids from different organizations that professionally plan conferences. AIBS would certainly have the opportunity to bid.

New Corresponding Members: Five new corresponding members were elected to the BSA, including our Australian colleague Mary Dettman.

New BSA Officers: It was announced that Nancy Dengler had been elected President-Elect, and that Wayne Elisens had been elected Program Director.

4. New Business - Chair

Recognition of Service: Chuck Daghlian recognized the following people for their valuable service to the Section: Steve Manchester, again for serving as Editor of the Bibliography of American Paleobotany for 4 years and for chairing a session at the Seattle meeting, and Wesley Wehr, for organizing and leading a great field trip to the Ginkgo Petrified Forest at the Seattle meeting. Jeff Osborn also thanked Chuck Daghlian, for serving as Chair and for managing the Section's listserver and WWW homepage, as well as for providing assistance during the transition of the Secretary-Treasurer office over the past year.

5. Adjournment: The Business Meeting was adjourned at approximately 2:45 pm

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