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July, 2, 1996 * Santa Barbara, California


1. Call to order and comments from the Chair: The meeting was called to order at 8:08 pm by Ruth A. Stockey (substituting for Charles Daghlian).

2. Approval of minutes of the 1995 Business Meeting (distributed by mail in February 1996): The minutes were approved.

3. Report on the Bibliography of American Paleobotany for 1995 - Editor: Steve Manchester distributed the Bibliography to those members in attendance, will distribute it further at the annual BSA meeting in Seattle, and will mail to those not attending either meeting.

4. Report of the status of the Section - Secretary: See enclosed "Annual Report of the Paleobotanical Section."

5. Treasurer's Report - Treasurer: See enclosed "Treasurer's Report."

6. Reports on recent conferences - Chair

a. Mid-Continent Paleobotany Colloquium (MCPC): Steve Scheckler reported that approximately 20 people attended the meeting. The turn-out was low because many people were saving their money and time for the upcoming IOPC-V.

b. North American Paleontological Convention (NAPC): Bill DiMichele reported that about 700 people attended the convention, which included about 15 paleobotanists. The next NAPC will be held in 2001 in Berkeley, CA.

c. International Palynological Congress (IPC): Willy Taylor noted that the Congress included a wide diversity of talks and symposia; however, one of the most relevant to the paleobotanical community was a symposium on Cryptospores.

d. Other: None were discussed.

7. Announcements - Chair

a. Upcoming meetings

* Botanical Society of America; Seattle, Washington; 4-8 August 1996: The Section will be co-sponsoring a symposium on "Use of Global Morphological Characters in Green Plant Phylogeny and Evolution," sponsoring a pre-meeting field trip (led by Wes Wehr), and having it's annual banquet.

* Future BSA meetings: The 1997 BSA meeting will be held on 3-7 August 1997 in Montr=E9al, Quebec (at the Montr=E9al Convention Center). This meeting will be held in association with the Canadian Botanists. The 1998 BSA meeting will be held 2-6 August, 1998 in Baltimore, MD (at the Baltimore Convention Center).

* 30th International Geological Congress; Beijing, China; 4-14 August 1996.

* 1997 Mid-Continent Paleobotany Colloquium; Athens, Ohio; late Spring 1997: The 1997 MPC will be held at Ohio University on 9-11 May 1997. The meeting will include one day of papers, tours of the new facilities and collections, demonstrations of their new digital imaging facilities, and a 1/2 day field trip. For more information, contact Gar Rothwell (Dept. of Env. & Plant Biology, Ohio Univ., Athens, OH 45701; Tel: 614-593-1129; E-mail:

b. Publications and Databases: The Secretary announced that he had received the following information: membership literature for the Intl. Assoc. of Pteridologists, a publication list from the Colorado Geol. Surv., and information on the "Siberian & Far East Geology and Environment" database.

c. Other: Herman Pfefferkorn announced that several paleontologists meet with the Geological Society of America, and that he has learned that some new, interdisciplinary funding opportunities have been proposed for which many paleobotanists would be eligible. In particular, an initiative termed Geobiology of Critical Intervals (GOCI) would be most relevant.

8. Old Business - Chair

a. Collection of Section dues by BSA Business Office - Treasurer: Jeff Osborn announced that 1996 was the first year that the BSA Business Office started collecting Section dues. Although some logistical issues will be need to be worked out, this new method should be convenient for most members. In fact, the Section gained several new members this year because of the new collection method.

b. Transfer of commercial distribution of the Bibliography to the Editor - Secretary: Jeff Osborn announced that 1996 was the first year that the commercial distribution of the Bibliography had been carried out by the Editor. Again, several logistical issues will need to be addressed, but in the long run this should greatly help distribution, record keeping, and collection of subscription payments.

c. Internet list and World Wide Web home page - Secretary: Jeff Osborn announced that the Section has both a listserver and a WWW homepage, both organized and maintained by Chuck Daghlian. See the enclosed "Annual Report of the Paleobotanical Section" for the addresses.

d. Other: Dan Chaney commented that for the past few years there has been discussion about having a fund-raising auction in association with the annual meeting. He will look into the possibility of organizing such an auction at the 1997 BSA meeting in Montr=E9al, with help from Tom Taylor and the Secretary-Treasurer.

9. New Business - Chair

a. Isabel Cookson Award - Chair: Jeff Osborn announced that a Cookson Award would not be awarded this year because of the paucity of student papers.

b. Cichan Award - Chair: Tom Taylor announced that the Cichan Award will be presented at the BSA meeting in Seattle.

c. Nominating Committees - Chair * Chair for 1996-1997: The Committee (Steve Scheckler [chair], Elisabeth Wheeler, and Bill Stein) nominated Gary Upchurch. The nomination was seconded and Gary was elected Chair for 1996-1997.

* Editor of the Bibliography of American Paleobotany: The Committee (Steve Manchester [chair], Pat Gensel, and Gar Rothwell) nominated Pat Herendeen. The nomination was seconded and Pat was elected Editor.

d. Recognition of Service - Chair: Ruth Stockey recognized the following people for their valuable service to the Section: the IOPC-V Organizing Committee (Bruce Tiffney, Steve Manchester, Judy Skog, Kathleen Pigg, Tom Taylor, and Pat Herendeen), the Editor of Bibliography for the past 4 years (Steve Manchester), the Editor Nominating Committee (Steve Manchester, Pat Gensel, and Gar Rothwell), the Chair Nominating Committee (Steve Scheckler, Elisabeth Wheeler, and Bill Stein), and Chuck Daghlian, for serving as Chair and for managing the Section's listserver and WWW homepage. Also thanked were those individuals who have given gifts to the Section during fiscal year 1996, including: Lucy Cranwell Smith, Carlie Phipps, Charlie Good, John Curtis, Martin Farley, Henry Andrews, and Bruce Tiffney.

e. Symposium for 1997 BSA meeting in Montreal - Chair

* "Relationships and Fossil History of Ferns" - Gar Rothwell: This symposium is being organized by Kathleen Pryer, Alan Smith, Gar Rothwell, and Paul Kenrick under the auspices of the Green Plant Phylogeny Group, and is planned for the 1997 meeting in Montr=E9al. The symposium was initially discussed by the Section at it's 1995 Business Meeting in San Diego, CA as was approved for sponsorship in principle. The organizers are now seeking formal co-sponsorship (along with the Pteridological Section) and financial assistance in the amount of $2,000. After some discussion of the Section's financial situation, it was moved to fund the symposium up to a maximum of $2,000 taking into consideration any funding from other BSA sources. The motion was seconded and it passed.

f. Workshop on the future of paleontology to be held in late 1997 or 1998 - Chair

* "Paleontology in the 21st Century" - Bob Gastaldo: Bob Gastaldo discussed ongoing plans for this interdisciplinary workshop to be held at the Senckenberg Museum (Frankfurt, Germany). The Workshop is being organized by H.R. Lane, B. O'Neill, W. Ziegler, J.P. Lavene, R. Gastaldo, D. Krause, K. Padian, G. Wood, and S. Lidgard. Bob was initially going to ask for monetary support, but after the previous discussion of the Section's finances, he elected to ask for sponsorship "in principle." This request was moved and amended to include the option for members to make voluntary contributions toward the Workshop. The Secretary-Treasurer would coordinate collection of donations. After some discussion of the Workshop, especially concerns about the fact that the organizing committee includes no women, the motion passed.

g. Other:

New Honorary Members. David Dilcher and Steve Manchester moved that two Chinese colleagues (Drs. Cheng-sen Li and Ge Sun) be elected to the Section as Honorary Members. The motion was seconded, the two nominees were discussed, and they were both elected.

New Award. Tom Taylor moved that the Section create a new award to honor the contributions of Winfried and Renata Remy. It was discussed that Tom would work with the Secretary-Treasurer to define the award and to raise money for it. The motion was seconded and passed.

International Botanical Congress (IBC). Pete Crane announced that the next IBC would he held in St. Louis, MO in 1999, and that he and Gar Rothwell are on the planning committee. Pete suggested that the Section, as well as individual members, should be thinking about what we would like on the program. In addition to the "normal" types of symposia, he suggested that we should be thinking about interdisciplinary symposia in which paleobotany would play a significant role.

New Laboratory Manual. Bob Gastaldo announced that he has authored a new lab manual to accompany a Historical Geology course. The manual includes broad coverage of paleobotanical topics, as well as a number of internet exercises. Details are as follows: Gastaldo, R.A., Savrda, C.E., and Lewis, R.D. 1996. Deciphering Earth History. Contemporary Publishing Co., Inc. 302 pp. ISBN: 0-89892-139-2 (Available from: Contemporary Publishing Co.; 508 St. Mary's St.; Raleigh, NC 27605; Tel: 919-821-4566).

Geotimes. Bill DiMichele announced that he recently noticed that the journal Geotimes has a list of affiliated organizations published inside it's cover, and that the Paleobotanical Section is not included. Bill will work with the Secretary-Treasurer to inquire about any dues and membership benefits for such a listing.

10. Adjournment: The Business Meeting was adjourned at 9:02 pm.

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