Portland, Oregon, August 9, 2000

1. The meeting was called to order by Jim Basinger, Chair at 8:32 am, August
9, 2000. 40 members were present.

2. Minutes of the 1999 business meeting, previously circulated, were

3. Report on the Bibliography of American Paleobotany for 1999. Editor, Patrick Herendeen submitted the following report: "The Bibliography was mailed in late May to all paid members. It was also mailed to most non-paid members along with a reminder and notice that this would be the last Bibliography sent until dues are paid up. Thus, if you did not receive the bibliography then there is probably a problem--please let me know. I have been mailing the Bibliographies bulk rate, and as a consequence (I recently realized) I do not receive returned undelivered mailings."

"This is my last issue of the Bibliography and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their cooperation and prompt submissions of citations. I am especially grateful to everyone who made the effort to prepare their citations according to the established format. This job is really not so time consuming if people prepare clean submissions. The use of attachments was a great time savings- but please, next time, don't everyone name your file "bibliography 2000" or some other equally generic name! It gets very confusing when I receive several files with identical names on the same day. Try using your surname as the file name (I know, we will still have a problem with the several Taylors!). I will be happy to discuss all aspects of the Bibliography with the next editor after my return from the field."

4. Secretary's Report on the status of the Section. The Paleobotanical Section currently has 344 members (259 regular members, 13 emeritus regular members, 51 affiliate members, 5 emeritus affiliate members, and 16 honorary members. This is up by one from 1998. Some deaths and drop outs were balanced by addition of new members.

This year the Section provided ten travel awards of $1000 each to student members of the Paleobotanical Section presenting papers at the 6th International Organization of Paleobotany Conference (IOPC) in Qinhuangdao, China (July 31-August 3, 2000). In addition to our participation in the IOPC, the section has an active program for Botany 2000, including 53 contributed papers and posters submitted by members of the Paleobotanical Section. A paleobotanical dinner was held Monday, August 7, attended by 75 people have register. Students who are members of the section and who presented papers at Botany 2000, will be reimbursed for the cost of their dinner ticket.

The Bibliography of American Paleobotany for 1999, including the current section membership directory, was mailed to members and to 39 institutional subscribers in May 2000. Copies will be provided for the BSA Archives and for the editor of the Plant Science Bulletin. Others may purchase copies for $18 each.

The Paleobotanical Section continues to receive donations in support of endowment funds, including the Cookson, Becker, Cichan, and Remy funds. Each year, proceeds from the sale of buttons (this year: ìwill work for fossilsî) go to the paleobotanical endowment.

5. Treasurer's Report. See attached report. Financial standing is good. The total balance in our accounts as of June 30, 2000 was $67,164, up by $1193 from the previous year. This increase remains even after the rather large expenditure of $10,000 from the Paleobotanical Endowment to support students attending IOPC in China.

6. Report on the 2000 BSA Council Meeting ñ Results of the new BSA election are: Judy Jernstedt--President, Jennifer Richards--Secretary. A tremendous amount of effort was put into this conference by Wayne Elisons (Meeting Organizer), and Jeff Osborn (Scientific Program Director), because this was our first conference organized independently from AIBS. Everything had to be done newly, from arranging the meeting site, vendors, program, media coverage, etc, designing various forms and job descriptions, etc. We are still waiting to see what our financial standing will be at the end of this conference. Because we had to guarantee a block of rooms at the host hotels there was concern that we might have to bear the cost of those rooms, if we fall below that amount. About 40 percent of those who registered for the meeting on-line did not use the official lodging options offered. Only 11 people signed up for the dormitory accommodations.

Scott Russell as BSA web master deserves special thanks for designing and maintaining the web-based abstract submission. Although there was an option for hardcopy submission, 100 percent of the abstract submissions were electronic this year. He also manages the BSA web sites, which received hits from 98 countries this past year. Dr. Russell indicated that next year will be his final year as webmaster.

Jeff Osborn designed the new look of the program, integrating the programs of all sections into a cohesive format, with the daily activities of all sections and societies integrated--hopefully easier to use, with several at-a-glance pages. He also scheduled a time block exclusively devoted to posters--a change from previous years in which the poster sessions were concurrent with other activities.

Ed Schneider, BSA Treasurer, reported that financial standing of the BSA is good. The Society benefitted by receiving $250,000, from the Klein bequest. It is hoped that you, too, may consider including the Botanical Society of America in your will for the benefit of future generations of botanists.

There has been a marked and alarming decline in memberships (down 43) and subscriptions in the organization. A new membership committee was established to assess the causes and offer solution to the problem. Karl Niklas, AJB Editor, recommended that the journal be offered online free for one additional year to gather data on the effect of this on subscriptions and memberships.

The American Journal of Botany is backlogged rather severely now. To remedy this situation, the journal will begin to publish more pages in each issue (one or more additional signatures of 16 pages) on slightly thinner paper, comparable to that used currently in the International Journal of Plant Sciences. In addition, the abstracts volume for the meetings will be published independently of AJB , not by Alan Press, at considerable savings.

There were 15 Karling awards of $500 each (one to the paleobotanical section; we have not been very active in applications from our section relative to other sections of the BSA).

7. Reports on recent conferences

a. Mid-Continent Paleobotany Colloquium in North Carolina - Pat Gensel reported that the mid continent paleobotanical conference at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, co-hosted by NC State (Elisabeth Wheeler and Jim Mickle) was attended by 40 people. There was a field trip to Triassic localities, a day of paper sessions, barbecue on Friday at botanical garden.

b. IOPC Qinhuangdao - Thomas Taylor reported on the International Organization of Palaeobotany 31 July to 3 Aug 2000, which was preceded and followed by a variety of optional field trips, including a 3-day sight- seeing trip to tourist sights of the Beijing suburbs. Participants reached the Qinhuangdao City by buses arranged from the Beijing airport (a 3-5 hour trip depending on the speed of the bus driver). We stayed at the International Hotel, greeted by huge red banners welcoming paleobotanists of the world. There were 212 registrants for the meeting, including 31 from North America, 150 papers, 50 posters; 4 concurrent sessions that were in adjacent rooms and therefore, easy to move between sessions. Generally good papers. At the IOP business meeting new officers were elected. Mike Boulter was applauded for his service of 23 years on the post of secretary.

The new President for IOP is Else Marie Friis from the Swedish Museum of Natural History and the new Secretary is our own Gar Rothwell; Vice presidents are Muriel Fairon- Demaret, Zlatko Kvacek, Sun Ge. Members at large: Margaret Collinson, Andrew Drinnan, Steve Manchester.

The deadline for proposals to host the 2004 IOPC has been extended to the end of 2000. Else Marie Friis and Gar Rothwell will announce the site of the next IOPC early in 2001.

8. Announcements
a. Upcoming meetings

1. 2000 Mid-Continent Paleobotany Colloquium, George Washington University, Washington, DC, June 1-3, 2001.

2. North American Paleontological Convention, Berkeley, CA; June 26-July 1, 2001.

3. Climate and Biota of the early Paleogene Powell, Wyoming; July 26, 2001.

4. Botanical Society of America; Albuquerque; August 12-16, 2001. Botanical Society of America; Madison,Wisconsin; August 2-7, 2002.

5.Botanical Society of America; Mobile, Alabama; July 27-31 2003.

b. Deaths of members: A moment of silence was observed in memory of Arthur Beyer, Lucy Cranwell-Smith, William Dickinson, and Jane Gray.

9. Old Business
Students travel awards from IOPC. At the 1999 business meeting, the membership agreed to budget $10,000 for travel awards for students of the paleobotanical section presenting papers at the International Organization of Paleobotany Conference in Qinhuangdao, China. An award committee consisting of Stephen Scheckler, Kathleen Pigg, and Bill DiMichele reviewed applications and distributed 10 awards of $1000 each. The recipients were: Charles Kevin Boyce, Laura Calvillo Canadell, Stefan Little, Amy McClain, Marcela Martinez Millan, Madhumi Mitra, Nathalie Nagalingum, Selena Smith, Hongshan Wang, and Xin Wang.

10. New Business -Chair
a. Status of webmaster for Paleobotanical Section. Members expressed that the position of web master is an important function for the section, and that we have been fortunate that Charles Daghlian has performed this function for several years on a voluntary basis without a formal recognition of the position (in contrast to the editor position which is a voted office). After considerable discussion, it was motioned and passed that the Secretary-Treasurer establish a committee to make a formal recommendation for an amendment of bylaws to establish Webmaster as an elected position of the Paleobotanical Section, to be acted on at the 2001 business meeting. Membership were in unanimous in accepting Chuck Daghlian's offer to continue serving as master of the web during the interim.

b. The journal, Taxon. David Dilcher noted that IAPT, which publishes Taxon, now has a 1 million endowment and is lowering student membership rates to $20. Todd Stuessy encourages more paleobotanists to join.

c. Images on the BSA web site . Jim Mickle called attention to the observation that we need more paleobotanically oriented images on the BSA web site. He encourages members to submit more images to the site, which is an excellent resource for teaching and general interest.

d. Cookson Award. The award committee (Kathleen Pigg, Willy Taylor, Brian Axsmith) noted that the decision was especially difficult this year because of many high quality presentations by students of the section. The Cookson Award for best student paper goes to Michael Riley for his presentation of the paper "A new aquatic angiosperm with a floating rosette of leaves from the St. Mary River Formation of southern Alberta," co-authored by Ruth Stockey.

e. Cichan Award. Tom Taylor announced there was no award this year.

f. Remy award. Tom Taylor announced that the award for 2000 will be announced later.

g. Election of Chairperson. The nomination committee (Jim Doyle, Steve Scheckler, Ruth Stockey) recommended Kathleen Pigg as Chair for 2000-2001. Dr. Pigg was elected by a unanimous vote.

h. Election of Editor. The nomination committee (Edith Taylor, Chuck Daghlian, Gar Rothwell, Jeff Osborn) recommended Wilson Taylor as Editor for the Bibliography of American Paleobotany. Dr. Taylor was elected by a unanimous vote.

i Auction in 2001. Dan Chaney has agreed to serve as auctioneer for an auction following the paleobotanical banquet. Please be thinking of items that might be donated for auction [actual fossils, however, will not be auctioned]. $1200 was raised at the previous auction in Baltimore.

j. Field trip in 2001. Sid Ash discussed options for the paleobotanical field trip(s) to be held in conjunction with the Albuquerque conference in 2001, and polled the members present for preferences. Because of the richness of paleobotanical resources in the New Mexico region, two pre-conference field trips are now in planning stages: a one day excursion on Sunday visiting the Kinney Brick Quarry, organized by Sid Ash, and a two-day trip (Saturday-Sunday) to visit the K-T boundary in the Raton Basin, as well as the Kinney Brick Quarry, organized by Gary Upchurch. The possibility also remains for informal field trips of longer duration following the conference.

k. Databases. Edith Taylor announced that there is a new paleontologist on-line database, and that it would be good to have more paleobotanists included. To be included you must submit your own information. The web address is: Edith also announced that bibliographic entries for the entire paleobotanical book and reprint collection (70,000 entries) of the Taylor laboratory at University of Kansas will soon be searchable on line. The web address will be announced when it comes on line.

l. Proposed Award for field travel - Paul Strother proposed that the Section consider providing small grants (seed funds) for exploratory field research, patterned in the style of Aureal Cross, to provide subsistence support to cover the expenses of ground travel, camping, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, exploration and discovery of new sites. The program would not be limited to students. After some discussion pro and con, the motion, seconded by James Mahaffy, was passed for a committee to be set up by the Chair and Secretary to study the feasibility of establishing such grant or award program, to identify a source of funding to support it, and to bring formal recommendations to the 2001 business meeting.

m. Proposed fund for future IOPC student travel - Thomas Taylor proposed that the section make a commitment to fund travel by students and young professionals who are members of the Paleobotanical Section, to attend future IOP conferences, the next being in 2004. Noting that $10,000 was allocated for the recent conference in China, Tom proposed a goal of $25,000 to be set aside for the same purpose in 2004. The motion, seconded by Steve Scheckler, carried unanimously, for the section to establish a goal of making $25,000 available in travel grants for the next IOP conference, the number and amounts of individual awards to be determined by an awards committee in 2004. The funds may be spent from capital, rather than being limited to be endowment proceeds. Secretary-Treasurer was instructed to add an additional check-off box with the on the list of funds to which members are invited to contribute to be sent along with dues notices.

n. Recognition of Service. The following members were thanked for service over the past year:

.BSA Program Manager, Jeff Osborn

.American Journal of Botany Editor, Karl Niklas.

.Paleobotanical Section Editor, Pat Herendeen, for five years of service as of the Bibliography of American Paleobotany.

.Presiders at sessions of Botany 2000: Brian Axsmith, Sharon Klavins, Kathleen Pigg, Willy Taylor.

.Committee for IOPC student travel awards: Stephen Scheckler, Bill DiMichele, Kathleen Pigg.

.Nominating committee for the Chair: James Doyle, Ruth Stockey, Stephen Scheckler.

.Nominating committee for the Editor: Edith Taylor, Chuck Daghlian, Jeff Osborn, Gar Rothwell

.Cookson Award Committee: Kathleen Pigg, Brian Axsmith, Willy Taylor

.Impromptu photographer and button sales deputy: James Mickle.

.Chair, James Basinger; Secretary-Treasurer, Steve Manchester

11. Adjournment - The meeting was adjourned at 9:47 am.