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At the 1970 business meeting of the Paleobotanical Section of the Botanical Society of America the section established a prize for the best paper presented at the Section contributed paper sessions. The intent of the prize was to recognize an outstanding contribution by either a student or a recent Ph.D. If no outstanding paper was given at a meeting, the prize would not be given that year. The prize was named THE PALEOBOTANICAL AWARD, and the `name of the recipient was to be announced at the Section business meeting. The award was to be accompanied by a $100 check from the Botanical Society and by a Botanical Society Banquet ticket. The official announcement of the award and the check were to be presented at the Bot. Soc. banquet. As of 1976, the prize was renamed THE ISABEL COOKSON PALEOBOTANICAL AWARD. As of 1985, poster presentations were also to be eligible for the prize (but see below).


At the 1985 Section business meeting, the amount of the award was increased to $300, and criteria for eligibility were clarified and revised. Eligibility is to be limited to current students and those who recently have received their Ph.D. (that is, the work presented in the talk represented their student work). Also, only abstracted papers are to be considered (i.e., poster presentations and informal presentations are not included).

Presentation of Prize

The prize is to be judged by a committee of three members appointed by the Chair of the Section. The prize does not have to be given every year. The Section also buys a B.S.A. banquet ticket for the winner where the prize will be presented.



  • 2003 Michael Dunn, (Ohio University) “The Fayetteville Flora of Arkansas, USA: An Upper Mississippian plant fossil assemblage with permineralized and compression remains.”

  • 2002 Marcela Martínez-Millán: (Universidad Autonoma de Mexico Nacional) "Leaf architecture of Anacardiaceae, phylogeny and biogeography."

  • 2001 Aude Sori, (Unversite Montpellier) "Development and architecture of a Gondwanan representative of the late Devonian genus Pietzschia (Cladoxylopsida)."

  • 2000 Michael G. Riley, (University of Alberta, Edmonton): "A new aquatic angiosperm with a floating rosette of leaves from the St. Mary River Formation of southern Alberta"

  • 1999 No award given (Boc Soc met jointly with IBC in St Louis).

  • 1998 Trevor Lantz University of Alberta, Edmonton "A permineralized tree fern from the Lower Cretaceous (Aptian) of northern California"

  • 1998 Jennifer Cordi Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY. "Devonian vascular plant groups and the inference of macroevolutionary pattern and process: A phylogenetic comparative approach to the analysis of trends in early vascular plant evolution."

  • 1997 Sandra J. Borgardt (Arizona State University). "Fruit development in fossil and living Quercus (Fagaceae) and its taxonomic value."

  • 1996 None given (Bot Soc was in Seattle; same year as IOP in Santa Barbara).

  • 1995 Georgia L. Hoffman (University of Alberta). "A Spirodella-like plant from the Paleocene Joffre Bridge locality."

  • 1994 Sharon D. Klavins (Southern Illinois University). "The frond of Laceya hibernica (Lyginopteridales) from the Uppermost Devonian of Ireland."

  • 1993 Brian J. Axsmith (Ohio State University). "A reconsideration of the conifer cone Glyptolepis."

  • 1992 No award given. (Bot Soc was in Honolulu, same year as IBC in Yokohama)

  • 1991 Susanna Puebla-Magallón (Universidad Autonoma de Mexico Nacional). The mixed Permian flora from south- central Mexico.

  • 1991 Ben A. Lepage (University of Saskatchewan). "The evolutionary and biogeographic history of Pseudolarix."

  • 1990 Patrick S. Herendeen (Indiana University). "Fossil history of the Leguminosae from the Eocene of southeastern North America."

  • 1989 Debra A. Willard (University of Illinois). "Phylogenetic analysis of lepidodendrid Iycopods and ecological influences on their evolution."

  • 1988 Kirk R. Johnson (Yale University). "Megafloral biostratigraphy for the late Cretaceous and early Paleocene of the northern Great Plains, Montana and North Dakota."

  • 1987 Wilson A. Taylor (Ohio State University). "Evolutionary and developmental significance of megaspore wall ultrastructure."

  • 1986 David C. Wight (Ohio University [Ph.D., University of Michigan]). "Primary vascular architecture of aneurophytalean progymnosperms and its bearing on the evolutionary relationships of the group."

  • 1985 Warren L. Kovach (Indiana University). "A Cretaceous megaspore flora from the Dakota Formation of Kansas."

  • 1984 Jon J. Hamer (Ohio University). "A small Medullosa from the Appalachian Basin."

  • 1983 Michael A. Cichan (Ohio State University). "The vascular cambium in Carboniferous plants Arthropitys communis."

  • 1982 Michael Zavada (University of Connecticut). "Gymnosperm-angiosperm pollen wall homologies and their bearing on early angiosperm evolution."

  • 1981 Steven R. Manchester (Indiana University). "Fossil fruits and the history of the walnut family."

  • 1980 Sara P. Stubblefield (Ohio University). "Embryogeny of an Upper Carboniferous Iycopod."

  • 1979 William A. DiMichele (University of Illinois). "Distribution and evolution of Lepidodendron and Lepidophloios in Upper Carboniferous Coal Swamps."

  • 1978 Edith L. Smoot (Ohio State University). "The phloem in the Lower Pennsylvanian fern Etapteris."

  • 1977 David F. Brauer (State University of New York, Binghamton). "Barinophyton citrulliforme Arnold from the Famennian of Pennsylvania."

  • 1976 Elisabeth A. Wheeler (Harvard University). "Some fossil dicotyledonous woods of Yellowstone National Park".

  • 1975 Charles P. Daghlian (University of Texas). "Leaf remains of Philodendron ".

  • 1974 Charles W. Good (Ohio State University). "The elater bearing spores of Calamites".

  • 1973 Karl J. Niklas (University of Illinois). "Protosalvinia from North and South America."

  • 1972 William L. Crepet ( Yale University). "Pollination in Cycadeoidea."

  • 1971 Gar W. Rothwell (University of Illinois at Chicago Circle). "Paleozoic ovule ontogeny".

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