Engs 44 Project Teams for Spring 2016


Project topics have been selected and approved by the professor.

A teaching assistant has been assigned to each group.

A couple of groups have also been assigned faculty resources.

The next task is to prepare for the mid-term report presentation.


Group #1 Food waste reduction in a middle school

Steph Jump, Ashley Sissel, Mary Margaret Stoll, Ari Wetzel & Mariko Whitenack

TA: Audrey Landis

Faculty resource: TBD


Group #2 Solid waste reduction in an elementary school

Peter Geithner, Sara Jacobson, Mariette Van Der Wegen & Heather Zezzo

TA: Kara Edman


Group #3 Personal control of an instrumented residence

Lucas Borchardt Ghedini, Tiago de Matos Bonifacio, Greta Joung, Jorge Siwady & Nathan Zhu

TA: Callan George


Group #4 Limiting meat consumption

Alejandra Cuervo Covian, Robert Halvorsen, Moises Silva, Tyler Stout & Rita Tu

TA: Suey Chen


Group #5 Inviting staircase

Spencer Bertsch, Catherine Carey, Thiago De Carvalho & John Leahy

TA: Michael Baicker

Faculty resource: Peter Ciadelli (Studio Arts)


Group #6 Shower Saver

Lloyd May, Ella Ryan, Pauline Searles & Dana Wieland

TA: Michael Baicker


Group #7 Electricity consumption in homes

Beichen Dai, Eloise Dietz, Emily Rogers & Mary Grace Weiss

TA: Kara Edman

Faculty resource: Lori Loeb (CS)



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