Industrial Ecology

Spring 2012

Reading Set 4:

Assigned on Friday 11 May and due Friday 18 May.

The 1.7 kilogram microchip: Energy and material use in the production of semiconductor devices
by Eric D. Williams, Robert U. Ayres and Miriam Heller,
Environ. Sci. & Technology, 2002, Vol. 36, pages 5504-5510.

Photovoltaics and the RoHS Directive
by Mathieu Saurat and Michael Ritthoff,
Position paper, Wuppertal Institute, May 2010.

The effectiveness of electrical and electronic waste recycling and its implications to green buildings
by Vivian W. Y. Tam,
Journal of Green Building, 2011, Vol. 6, No. 2, pages 122-138.

TRASH - Will your discarded TV or computer end up in a ditch in Ghana?
by Chris Carroll,
National Geographic, January 2008, pages 65-87.

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