University of Nova Gorica


14-25 March 2011



Monday 14 March

Sustainability and sustainable development

The Story of Stuff (by Annie Leonard)

Eco-industrial parks

Industrial Metabolism

Tuesday 15 March


Pollution prevention (3M & principles)

Wednesday 16 March

Design for Environment (DfE)

Principles & examples

Life-Cycle Assessments; Principles; Examples

Thursday 17 March

Disassembly exercise

Design for disassembly and recycling

Materials: Reduction & Recycling

Friday 18 March

Auto industry: Overview, manufacturing & recycling

Auto industry: Biofuels, Hybrids & Fuel cells



Monday 21 March

Forest and paper industry

Paper versus plastic and other paper issues

Tuesday 22 March

Field trip to recycling business

(Renato Skoberne, in Tolmin)

Bus departure at 3 o’clock next to Mercator

Wednesday 23 March

Green chemistry

Electronics industry; Microchip manufacturing

Electronics recycling

Thursday 24 March

Solar energy

Renewable forms of energy

Green building design

Friday 25 March

Computer use & recycling

Environmental impacts of e-Commerce

Service industry

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