University of Nova Gorica


March 2011



Literature Critiques


Three times a week during the course, students will be assigned two documents (scientific papers, magazine articles, etc.) which they are to read and critique in writing, as follows:


            1. Title, author(s), source, year (2 lines)

            2. Brief summary (3 to 10 lines)

            3. Source of information (new data, new analysis of existing data, author’s personal opinion, ...) (no more than 2 lines)

            4. Targeted readership (and possibly reason for this choice) (no more than 2 lines)

            5. Conclusions derived from the information (findings, points made, distinction between certainty and likelihood, recommendations, ...) (3 to 10 lines)

            6. Student’s own opinion (student’s reaction, disagreement with or reinforcement of a point made by the author, comparison with other documents or personal experience, extrapolation into future, …) (5 to 10 lines).


The length of a reading critique should not exceed one page. 

Please type and do not forget to include your name at the top or bottom


Grading of critiques will be performed as follows:


0 point – Critique not done or greatly deficient

1 point – Deficient critique (mixing of items between summary and conclusions; vague or ill-argued opinion, …)

2 points – Critique meeting expectations

3 points – Critique exceeding expectations (precise yet succinct summary and conclusions, unusually thoughtful opinion, …)


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