Ph.D., Department of Physics and Astronomy (2009-2015)
Dartmouth College
Advisor: Ryan Hickox
M.S., Institute of Astronomy (2005-2007)
B.S., Department of Physics (2001-2005)
National Tsing-Hua University , Taiwan (NTHU)
Advisor: Mike J. Cai


Postdoctoral scientist, advisor: Niel Brandt (PSU, 2015-)
Research Assistant, advisor: Ryan Hickox (Dartmouth, 2012-)
X-ray spectral analysis, multiwavelength observations and data analysis.
Teaching Assistant, Dartmouth (2010-2013)
Research Assistant, advisor: Brian Chaboyer (Dartmouth, 2011-2012)
Stellar evolution and globular clusters.
Research Assistant, advisor: Mike J. Cai (ASIAA, 2007.09-2008.02)
Theoretical studies of super massive black hole formation.
Summer student (REU), advisor: Dinh Van Trung, ASIAA, 2004.07-2004.08)
VLA observations of Post-AGB stars

Fellowships & Awards:

  1. Dartmouth Teaching Fellowship (2009-2012)
  2. Dartmouth-New Hampshire NASA Space Grant Grauate PhD Award (2014)
  3. William H. Neukom 1964 Institute for Computational Science Graduate Fellowship (2014-2015)

Teaching and Public Outreach

  1. Teaching assistant at Dartmouth College
  2. PHYS 013 Introductory Physics I, II
    ASTR 002/003 Exploring the Universe
    ASTR 001 Solar System
    ASTR 117 Interstellar Astrophysics
  3. Teaching assistant at NTHU
  4. General Physics Lab
  5. Public Outreach
  6. Jun. 2012 Moultonborough Science Club
    2011/2012 Public Observing
    2002/2003 Counselor of NTHU Astronomy Camp for high school students

Interests outside Astronomy:

  1. Hiking, Photography, Basketball, Baseball,
  2. Guitar - I taught electric and acoustic guitars at a music shop in Changhua, Taiwan, I also played as a guitarist in heavy metal bands - find our music here:
  3. Traveling with my family.