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Center for Professional Development
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Create and Save Application Materials

Once you have determined which materials are required for the opportunity and you've done your research on the firm and position, you are ready to create your application materials.

Students who participate in any application process supported by Center for Professional Development (employment or graduate school) must accurately represent their academic and personal history on all documentation submitted as part of their application. Any student who misrepresents any information will lose the support of Center for Professional Development in all future application processes and will be referred to the undergraduate Judicial Affairs Office for further disciplinary action. It is each student's responsibility to make sure he or she is accurately representing himself or herself.

Create a Resume and Cover Letter

  • Use the Center for Professional Development resources to create your resume and cover letter. Review our Resume Guide and Cover Letter Guide. These guides can be found in the Resource Library in DartBoard. Stop by during drop-in hours for resume and cover letter reviews.
  • List your Overall GPA on your resume. Your Major GPA may also be listed in addition to your Overall GPA. It is optional to list GPA if an employer has not requested it.
  • DO NOT round GPAs. GPA must be reported to two decimal points and stated that it is out of 4.0.
  • Include your FULL email address on your job application materials so that employers don't mistakenly try to respond to someone who shares your nickname (e.g. use "" rather than "").

Request and Save your Unofficial Transcript

  • Log into BannerStudent and select "Unofficial Transcript -- PDF version" from the Banner menu to have a copy sent to your Dartmouth email.
  • Save the document on your computer to be uploaded. Name it "Unofficial Transcript" and include your name and date saved.

Create a Writing Sample

  • Select a 3-5 page excerpt from a piece you've already written. Choose a writing sample that best matches the skills required in the job for which you will be applying.
  • Copy and paste the 3-5 page excerpt into a new Word document. Indicate at the top of the new document that this is an excerpt from a longer piece. Include the title of the original paper, your name, and the date that paper was originally written.
  • Save the document on your computer to be uploaded. Name it with an appropriate title that includes your name and describes the sample (Creative, Research/Analytical, Persuasive, etc.).

Create a List of References

  • First, secure permission from each of your references to provide a prospective employer with their updated contact information. Some organizations do not allow their personnel to give out recommendations for reasons of liability. If an employer can only confirm dates of employment, title and salary information, do not use this employer for a reference.
  • See Sample List of References (PDF). Create your list as a Word document in the format specified, and save it to your computer to be uploaded. Name it "Professional References" and include your name.
  • Provide each of your references with an updated copy of your resume. This enables your references to be more effective and also gives you the opportunity to "coach" them as to relevant skills and strengths.

Last Updated: 11/7/16