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Center for Professional Development
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Apply for an Opportunity in DartRecruit

Once you've created the necessary application materials and saved them to your computer, you are ready to upload your materials and submit your application via DartRecruit.

Upload your documents into DartRecruit

Before you can apply for a position in DartRecruit, you must first upload the necessary application materials in the My Documents section of My Account. If you try to apply to a position without first uploading the required documents, you will see an error message indicating that you are "not qualified" for the position and the system will not accept your application.

Watch the quick tutorial here on how to upload documents.

Submit your application in DartRecruit

Application materials must be submitted online via DartRecruit before 9:00pm EST on the deadline specified in the Job Description.

Watch the quick tutorial here on how to submit applications in DartRecruit.


  • If you are applying from Off Campus, follow the instructions at Participating in Recruiting from Off-Campus.
  • You may update any document after it is uploaded, by using the Update function in My Documents. This will update the document automatically for every recruiting opportunity where it has already been submitted as long as the application deadline has not already passed.
  • Employers will NOT see the name you assign to any documents in DartRecruit.
  • Upload a tailored cover letter for each opportunity, addressed to that specific employer contact. Name your cover letter for that employer when you upload it, for easy retrieval during submission.
  • Before you apply for an opportunity, you should have already created the required application materials and uploaded them into DartRecruit.
  • Verify that your application was submitted correctly by going to My Account -> My Activity -> Schedules -> Preselect. If the opportunity appears under the Preselect tab, your application has been submitted.

Last Updated: 11/7/16