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Criteria for Admission to Law School

The LSAT is offered in June, October, December, and February. Most schools accept scores of tests taken up to five years before application, although some law schools may require more recent test scores. If you are taking the test in the academic year in which you are applying to law school, you should take the test no later than October. Taking the test the previous June, however, gives you the added advantage of knowing your score before the application process begins. It also allows you time to repeat the test in October if your score is unsatisfactory.

Do not plan to take the test more than once. Remember that all scores are reported to law schools, and many schools average multiple scores. We highly recommend you not take the test if you are not adequately prepared. The range of possible scores on the LSAT is 120-180.

Whether you decide to self-study and/or enroll in an LSAT course will depend on your individual learning style. We recommend using the official Law School Admission Council materials to prepare for the LSAT. For best testing results, time yourself and do the entire test at one sitting. Learn from your mistakes, then try one or more additional tests. It is suggested to take 12-15 full (timed) tests to get a stable score range.

LSAT Resources:

(Center for Professional Development does not endorse or recommend any particular test-prep program)


Last Updated: 11/2/16