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Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are an important part of your application. Aim to have two to four letters written. Make your choices carefully, gathering strong evaluations from persons who have had an opportunity to observe your academic and/or work related strengths and personal qualities.

Contact your recommenders early. Make an appointment with each one to discuss your course work and other interests as well as your plans for law school. Information to assist the writer: Resume; Transcript; Personal Statement (if written) OR a few paragraphs on why you are choosing to go to law school; a summary of what you learned from your experience with the writer; and a copy of a paper you wrote for their class (with their comments).

LSAC's Letter of Recommendation and Evaluation Service
LSAC offers Letter of Recommendation (LOR) and Evaluation services as part of the Credential Assembly Service (CAS). A letter or recommendation discusses the qualities and characteristics of the applicant's ability, academic, and potential to study law. While an evaluation rates both cognitive and non-cognitive attributes and skills that have been identified as important to success in law school, using a scale that represents degrees of a particular characteristic.

You are encouraged to have your letters sent to LSAC as soon as possible after you have registered for the LSDAS. This will help ensure that they are received by the schools in a timely manner. LSAC must receive your LOR at least two weeks prior to a school’s application deadline to ensure that the school receives your letters before its deadline.

Reminders: Any letter sent with an incomplete form, without a form, or without the recommenders signature will be returned to the recommender.

Use of LSAC's LOR or Evaluation service is optional unless a law school to which you are applying states that its use is required. These services allow you to use your account to have your LORs and evaluations sent to law schools based on each school's requirements or preferences.

Last Updated: 8/21/13