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Making the Decision to Apply

Before deciding to attend business school, you want to have a clear sense on what the degree will do for you. To do this, evaluate your abilities and commitment. If you believe business school is the right choice for you, the next step is to decide where and when to apply. Business schools expect that you will be focused and have defined professional goals and interests.

Exploring if Business School is right for you:

  • Consult faculty members or others who have a MBA degree.
  • Use Dartmouth Career Network to identify alumni who have MBAs and find out how the degree relates to their current work.
  • Attend Graduate School Information Sessions. Keep updated with events by viewing Career Service's Event Calendar.
  • Tuck Liaison Program: Review the resume notebook in Center for Professional Development of current Tuck Students who are willing to share career and business school advice.
  • Intern or volunteer with a business in your area of interest.
  • Meet with the Graduate School Advisor at Center for Professional Development.

Researching Business Schools:

  • View the school's websites that are of interest to you.
  • Compare your GPA and admissions tests to those students accepted at the schools you are considering (found on the school's website).
  • If possible, visit the business schools and attend classes, and speak with students and faculty.
  • Factors to consider when investigating schools:
    • Enrollment and class size
    • Quality and accessibility of faculty
    • Overall cost and the availability of financial aid
    • Is prior work experience required?
    • Location, housing, and kinds of recreation available
    • Career placement

Last Updated: 10/9/13