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Getting Started With Your Portfolio

First Step

To help you in constructing your own Portfolio, take a look at the following descriptions of how students articulated their best example of some competency areas they developed.

See some examples...

Second Step

The following is a list of competencies that you are developing and will be documenting.

Select the category headings below to see examples of possible experiences that relate to that category.

  • Initiate ideas within a team
  • Cooperation- Negotiation
  • Resolve conflict
Social Responsibility
  • Respect individual and cultural differences
  • Demonstrate ethical behavior
  • Responsible citizenship
Critical Thinking
  • Identify problems
  • Gather evidence through research
  • Quantitative
  • Evaluate options
  • Software
  • Systems Management
  • Lab Science
  • Internet
  • Set direction and goals
  • Motivate others
  • Project management
  • Artistic
  • Literary
  • Innovation
Personal Management
  • Risk Taking
  • Adapt to change
  • Work independently
  • Coping With Failure
  • Writing
  • Presentation
  • Language

Third Step

You are now ready to record your experiences corresponding to various competencies. Click here for a sample format for recording your most recent best example related to each competency.

Last Updated: 6/28/12