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Dartmouth Alums With This Major

  • Architect, LDA Architecture & Interiors
    (MA, Dartmouth '97)
  • Professor & Translator, Charles University, New York University, Universiteit Van Amsterdam
    (CZECH REPUBLIC, Dartmouth '98)
  • Secondary Education Professional, Henry Street School for International Studies; ASA College
    (NY, Dartmouth '98)
  • Counselor at Law, specialty in Litigation, Law Office of Josh McGuire
    (MA, Dartmouth '96)
  • Pastor, Upper Arlington Lutheran Church
    (OH, Dartmouth '95)
  • General Counsel, AAR Consortium (energy)
    (RUSSIAN FEDERATION, Dartmouth '95)
  • Professional Staff Member, U.S. Senate
    (DC, Dartmouth '94)
  • CEO, Next Level Teaching
    (OH, Dartmouth '95)
  • Reporter, Boston Globe
    (MA, Dartmouth '94)

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Major Description

The department offers students two majors - the Standard Russian major for those whose interest is primarily in literature and linguistics or who simply wish to attain a mastery of the language and the Area Studies major for those who want to learn Russian and who have a broad interest in Russia and Eastern Europe and would like to do work in International Studies.

Skills Acquired

What is this?

  • Critical Thinking
  • Cultural Competency & Adaptability
  • Creativity and Creative Initiative
  • Research Skills
  • Oral & Written Communication

Possible Career Paths

  • Government
  • Arts, Media, Entertainment
  • Industry and Commerce
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Interpretation/Translation
  • Service and Education
  • Law
  • Healthcare
  • Business

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Last Updated: 3/29/13