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Center for Professional Development
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Find out more about your self – and potential areas to explore – take advantage of CPD self-assessment services and resources. You don't need to have a specific work target in mind to engage with the CPD. In fact, part of the fun is in discovering new options and work you may enjoy.

Self-assessments can help explore how your values, interests, personality and skills relate to career options. CPD advisors are also available to help you clarify your goals and coach you on how to take steps to start achieving them.

The CPD offers two online assessments, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) and Strong Interest Inventory® (Strong).

  • The Strong measures career and leisure interests and can help you identify work that you may enjoy.
  • The MBTI examines personality traits. Get a new perspective on what energizes you, how you process information, make decisions and get things done. Learning about your style – and that of others can help you better understand yourself, others, and ideal work environments.

Both the Strong and the MBTI require an advance meeting with an advisor and an in-person follow-up (including a group session for the MBTI). Neither assessment has right or wrong answers; select the options that fit you best, review your results with an advisor and judge of the accuracy of the results.

Resources: Self Discovery

Dartmouth Career Network (DCN): Conversations with others "who've been there" can help you identify interests – and steps to get started in a field. Over 15,000 alumni are available for informational interviews. Search for potential contacts in the DCN and check out sample messages in the Networking Guide for strategies to reach out and connect. Search careers by job title and industry, browse green careers and jobs with a "Bright Outlook" and share interests for suggestions on additional options.

pymetrics: Ever wonder what career would be best suited for your abilities? Check out pymetrics and play a set of games to discover ideal careers that fit your cognitive traits. Companies from a variety of different industries then recruit candidates based on trait profiles. Sign up at to get started!

Resources: Articulating Your Skills

Visit the Resource Library in DartBoard for guides on how to communicate your skills and interests. In addition, check out our tips for how to create an ePortfolio that showcases what you know.

Last Updated: 7/23/15