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Alumni Stories: Kaili Rubin '93

Working Her Way to the Top

As a field producer for CNN Newsstand, Kaili Rubin '93 is always on the go. CNN Newsstand is a general interest television news magazine launched this past September, which airs every night from 10 -11pm eastern time (on CNN, of course). With seven shows a week to prepare for, Kaili never finds herself searching for things to do. Some of her specific assignments in the past have included writing a profile of Jon Stewart, covering the Sundance Film Festival and writing and producing the CNN Newsstand show opening. Currently, Kaili is working on a special segment of the show entitled Reporter's Notebook, which presents the 'story behind the story' of reporters who have conducted interviews with famous people.

While at Dartmouth, Kaili was a Classical Studies major, with a "strong side interest in filmmaking and screenwriting". She took a lot of courses in film studies, such as Screenwriting with Professor Rapf and Production with Jim Brown. During her off term, Kaili worked for Young and Rubicam (an ad agency in NYC) and also helped Dartmouth Professor Mark Decker with an independent film he was making in LA.

Kaili started her job search in the fall of '94, after taking a year off to go backpacking. She used the Center for Professional Development alumni network to make contacts with alumni in the field she was interested in. She would "call up complete strangers" and conduct an informational interview. "The Alumni Network is great," she said.

After making a variety of alumni contacts and conducting an independent job search, Kaili landed her first job as an assistant to the creative director of the Cartoon Network. Working as an executive or production assistant is a "good first step in the entertainment industry," said Kaili. "It's a great way to learn and get in on the ground floor. You always have to start at the bottom, but eventually your hard work will be rewarded. If you do a good job, people will recognize it. If it's something that you love to do, you'll be successful in the end."

"There's a whole world out there in production," Kaili added. "You can go in many different directions. You just have to explore all of the possibilities so that you end up doing something that you are passionate about and that you are best at."

Last Updated: 10/9/13