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Alumni Stories: Dan Hull '82 and Nancy Pease '82

Alaska, Here We Come

Investment banking and consulting are often thought of as the norm for Dartmouth seniors after graduation, but for many people that's not the case. For example, two alums from the Class of '82, Dan Hull and Nancy Pease, now married, are working, respectively, in Alaska as a commercial fisherman and as a manager with the state.

Dan, a Seattle native, came to Dartmouth with an interest in northwestern and Indian cultures. While here, he majored in Anthropology modified with Native American Studies, taught cross-country skiing for four years, and interned with a Native American rights organization in Albuquerque, NM. He took each spring term off beginning in 1980 to work for Sac Roe Herring as a commercial fisherman. Dan worked after graduation until 1986 with Prince William Sound Aquaculture, a non-profit organization involved in the ocean ranching of salmon. His work focused on the allocation of salmon to commercial, sport, and subsistence resources, which brought together his interests in economics, biology, and public policy. After obtaining his Masters in Marine Affairs, Dan spent two years as a research associate for the Institute of Social and Economic Research at the University of Alaska. He recently left that position to pursue his first love of commercial fishing and is looking into consulting on research projects at fisheries.

Born and raised in Alaska, Nancy came to Dartmouth with an interest in land and resources. She majored in Geography with a concentration in Urban Studies. Upon graduation, she took a post in public policy with the state department in Juneau. From 1983 to 1986, she worked as a landscape architect, designing outdoor spaces such as state forests and using her knowledge of natural sciences, climate, and soils. In 1990, she accepted her current position of Natural Resources Manager with the Alaskan Department of Natural Resources, which entails the management of a land use plan for two million acres of coastal rain forest.

Nancy offers some timely advice for seniors stressing over post-graduate plans. Says Nancy, "Find what it is that causes you to lose track of time, that thing that grabs you up and makes you feel energized, and weave it into your life. Don't go off to Wall Street if you know there's an artistic side to you. Don't ignore what you really love. Your twenties should be a time to try different things. Explore your career options and find a way to make your interests work."

Last Updated: 6/21/12