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Center for Professional Development
63 South Main Street, 2nd Floor
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755
(603) 646-2215
Fax: (603) 646-1360
E-mail: Center for Professional Development
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Essential Policies and Procedures for Recruiters

If you plan to visit campus for an Information Session or On-Campus Interviews, please sign and return your completed Policy Forms (PDF)  to Center for Professional Development.  (see forms for fax and email address).

Our goal is to help you maximize your recruiting results while helping students make informed career and employment decisions. To accomplish this, we must maintain a "level" playing field, where employers and students alike have equal access. We also recognize that students' academics must take first priority. With this in mind, we have established the policies listed below.


In order to help you optimize timing and marketing strategy, and avoid scheduling overlaps/policy issues, please coordinate all marketing and outreach activity through Center for Professional Development. This includes any form of communication to student organizations, affinity group advisors, or faculty/administrators, including receptions, workshops, information sessions, panel discussions, social hours, interviewing, or post-event social activities. Alcohol should not be included in any Hanover area events. Employers may be asked to remove giveaways if Center for Professional Development deems them inappropriate (e.g. bottle openers, candles). We will gladly review giveaway ideas for target audience reaction and potential adverse impact.


While mass mailings and mass e-mails to students are not permitted by our institution, Center for Professional Development offers a targeted email service, for a small fee, that enables you to reach the students whose graduation year and career interests best match your needs. Contact us for more information!


For profit employers must provide interns with a minimum stipend of $350 per week.

Employer Representatives

Alumni/ae interviewers must have graduated from Dartmouth College at least 3 years prior to the class they are interviewing in order to avoid the perception of bias.  Alumni/ae interviewers will be excused from interviews if they have graduated after June 2012 for intern interviews and after June 2011 for entry level interviews. Alumni/ae and other individuals representing an employer are in an “official capacity” when recruiting at Dartmouth. Whether here for an employer fair, information session, pre-interview meeting, or other event, representatives need to be professional at all times and refrain from what might be interpreted as exclusive or inappropriate behavior. Recruiters should be trained in professional interviewing standards and protocols.


All Hanover-based testing practices should be reviewed with Center for Professional Development well in advance, to ensure ADA compliance and validity of the test’s measure of employability. Students must be notified of testing at least two full business days in advance in order for ‘accommodations’ to be made.

Interview Notification

Employers are asked to go into our DartBoard system to enter interview decisions(i.e. preselects and alternates). Students then go online to check on their interview status, view signup deadlines, and to schedule or decline interviews.

Interview Scheduling

All first-round interviews take place in Center for Professional Development and are scheduled via DartBoard. Employers needing schedule changes must contact Center for Professional Development to make those changes. Do NOT contact students directly to change 1st round interviews. Subsequent interviews are scheduled directly by employers. Interviews should NOT be held in hotel bedrooms. Our compacted academic calendar impacts students' ability to schedule outside activity. Employers must offer flexibility in scheduling 2nd-round interviews, in consideration of students' academic schedules (offer a minimum of 2 dates). A minimum of 3 full business days lead time is required between notification and actual out-of-town interviews at employer's site(e.g. Thurs night for Wed). Interviews should not be scheduled during reading & exam periods. See Dartmouth Recruiting Calendar.


Employers should provide students with sufficient time to complete their employment searches and make informed decisions.  No exploding bonuses should be offered for early acceptances.  The following deadlines are required:

  • Entry-Level Offers:  Deadline for Student's Decision on Offer
    • Fall offers extended to former interns - November 17, 2014
    • Offers extended from Fall 2014 On-Campus Interviews - November 17, 2014 or 2 WEEKS from date of offer, whichever is LATER
    • Winter offers extended to former interns – February 27, 2015
    • Offers extended from Winter 2015 On-Campus Interviews - February 27, 2015
  • Internship Offers: Deadline for Student's Decision on Offer
    • Students have a minimum of 1 full week to decide on offers for the next term (e.g. summer offer for fall term)
    • Spring, Summer or Fall interviews – minimum of 2 weeks to decide on offers for two terms ahead
    • Winter Interviews - minimum of 3 full weeks to decide on summer term
    • Summer offers extended to former interns – Feb. 17, 2015 or 3 weeks from date of offer, whichever is LATER


Our billing structure supports the cost of our online recruiting system, administrative staffing needs, and the physical space demands of our recruiting program. Invoices for recruiting activity will be issued within 30 days of your event.

On-Campus Interview Program registration and meeting fees are fully refundable if your cancellation is made 60 days prior to your interview date.

Interview Scheduling Registration Fees:

  • On-Campus Interviews: $150 for first interview room; $85 for each additional room
  • Reduced rates available for non-profit employers

Optional Pre-Interview Meetings & Information Sessions:

  • On-Campus Meeting:  $350 (Includes room and AV equipment)
  • Hanover Inn Meeting:  $95 (Excludes charges incurred at The Hanover Inn)

Targeted Email Invitation Service:

  • Email invitation service for marketing and outreach: $100 per order
  • See order form for details

Last Updated: 6/19/14