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    Mondays 1:30 – 4pm – CPD
    Wednesdays 9 – 11am – CPD
    Wednesdays 4 – 7pm – SASC
    Thursdays 4 – 6pm – Collis 223
    Monday - Friday
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Center for Professional Development
63 South Main Street, 2nd Floor
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755
(603) 646-2215
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About Us

Mission: Center for Professional Development supports undergraduate students in preparing for-and making informed decisions about-their undergraduate and post-graduate academic and employment plans.

Guiding Principles:

  1. Access: We provide students with connections to opportunities, resources and networks related to diverse fields of employment and academic programs.
  2. Career Community: We collaborate with student groups, administrators, faculty, employers, alumni and parents in order to maximize students' access to various career networks.
  3. Reflection: We engage students in the essential process of self-reflection to assist them in clarifying interests, skills and values; identifying and exploring options; and making strategic plans regarding their future.
  4. Engagement: We partner with students in an active, educational and outcome-oriented process in order to facilitate their successful pursuit of career goals.
  5. Inclusiveness: We continually educate ourselves on how best to serve our students, in recognition of their diverse backgrounds and experiences.
  6. Integrity: We hold ourselves, students, employers and graduate schools to high ethical standards by insisting upon honest communication, fair practice and equal opportunity guidelines.

Learning Goals: Students will be able to:

  1. Define interests, skills and values which will serve as the foundation for career choices.
  2. Explore, identify and assess diverse career options.
  3. Implement effective strategies to achieve academic and career goals.

Last Updated: 10/9/13