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Department Information



April 30, 2017 – Contract returned to Conferences and Events
May 15, 2017 – Housing participants names and dates due
May 31, 2017 – Meal request, parking, and building access forms with participant names due
October/November – Program summary invoice sent from Conferences and Events
December 1, 2017 – Change requests to summer invoice due
December 15, 2017 – Charges will be applied to the provided chart string

Schedule of Fees and Fines

Bed in residence hall (charged is per person, not per room)
$230 per week (3 days or more, max 10 week summer term)
$115 (two days or less)

Multi-Purpose Picture ID Cards- $6/card

Administrative Processing Fee- $50/person

Late Housing Room Assignment Spreadsheet Submission- $50

Lost key or key not returned- $60/ key

Rules and Requirements for Sponsoring Departments

  • Payment of all services, fees, and fines by a chart string from your department.
  • Greet and provide any help your attendees require during move in. Including handing out their keys and checking the room when they depart. Conferences and Events does not distribute or collect individual keys from participants.
  • Weekend or after hour arrivals require a temporary pin number to access the building as the door will not be unlocked upon arrival. Conferences and Events will provide the department supervisor with a temporary pin code for your interns when picking up their key for the summer. Once your students have their Dartmouth issued ID card they will be able to access the building with their card.
  • Provide individual services or support to your non-Dartmouth graduate assistants or interns. They remain your department's responsibility while they are on campus, including 24/7 contact information for emergencies.
  • Provide C&E office with a copy of the signature page of the "Dartmouth College Residential Community Expectations, Policies and Services" for each of your participants.


Participants staying in residence halls must eat their meals in Dartmouth Dining Services (DDS) facilities. There are two options: inclusive meals at 1953 Commons as part of a conference plan and/or a Declining Balance Account for dining at Collis and Novak Cafes

DINING PLANS: A conference dining plan is a group of discounted meals at the Class of 1953 Commons, Dartmouth's all-you-care-to-eat dining facility. The "meals" portion of your dining at Dartmouth can only be used at '53 Commons.

DECLINING BALANCE CARDS: A cash amount is put onto each participant's card. C&E will help you with estimates of how much to put on. Once the card is activated, the dollar amount of that card will be included in the calculation of your conference bill. Although declining balance cards are designed for use at Novak and Collis Cafes, meals can be purchased at '53 Commons with declining balance cards at the full door price.

LOST CARDS: If the meal card is lost, report the loss immediately to the Dartmouth Card Office. That office will update the computer records and issue a new card for the remaining meals; a $3 processing fee will be applied for the card. If the office is closed, find a supervisor on duty in the Dining Hall and that person will instruct the cashier how to handle the necessary meals until a new card can be obtained.

ADDITIONAL CHARGES: A $5 fee is charged for any individual changes to a processed conference plan.

Residence Hall Requirements

ASSIGNMENTS: You must submit a list of all overnight participants to the C&E office by May 15, 2017, late submissions are subject to a $50 late fee. Your program will be charged $30 for each prepared but unused room not released 7 days prior to arrival.

ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE: Move in is no earlier than 11:00am on arrival day and move out no later than 11am on departure day.

KEYS: Keys will be issued prior to the beginning of your program. A required Key Pick-up Form transfers the responsibility for all keys to the sponsoring department.

Return keys immediately following your check-out to allow time to prepare for incoming groups. There is a lost key fee of $60.00 for each key missing when the keyboard is returned.

RESIDENCE HALL VIOLATIONS/DAMAGES: Your program is responsible for returning all furniture to its original position. Pets are prohibited in all residence halls. All College residential buildings and enclosed work spaces are smoke free. Open flames are prohibited. The sponsoring department will be charged for any policy violations and for cleaning of excessive mess and repairs of damage done in any residence hall to which your group is assigned.

ACCESSIBILITY: Some areas within residential halls are not accessible. If you have any questions regarding accessible accommodations, contact the C&E office. Dartmouth works to ensure that programs, services, and activities are accessible to all. For more detailed information about the responsibilities of program organizers regarding persons with disabilities click here.

EMERGENCY CONTACTS: Each department is required to provide a 24/7 emergency contact person and number that will be responsible for all participants in your program. Please indicate who your Dartmouth emergency contact is and include their phone numbers; we provide this information to Safety and Security. Your department is responsible for contacting each participant's personal emergency contact(s) if needed.


Parking passes are available for A-lot, located on East Wheelock Street, a ten minute walk from the residence hall. Passes can be arranged through Conferences & Events. Bring your Dartmouth ID, parking fees may apply.


The sponsoring department will receive a statement from Conferences and Events in late October or early November with all of the charges accrued by visiting student(s). You will have until December 1st to dispute any charges on the bill. All charges will be applied directly to the chart string provided by the sponsoring department.

Last Updated: 3/3/17