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Conferences & Events is part of the Advancement Division of Dartmouth College.
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Planning Your Event 

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Contact us for information and advice

Have you considered:

  • parking needs?
  • whether people with physical, sensory and other disabilities can attend and participate in your event?
  • reserving space for your caterer to work in?
  • checking to ensure that other events will not compete with yours?
  • audiovisual needs and placement of tables?
  • We will be happy to walk you through the event planning process to help ensure that important details are addressed. Please contact us for information and advice.

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Reserve your rooms or outdoor locations

All indoor and outdoor on-campus spaces must be reserved through Conferences and Special Events, with the exception of the following facilities:

  • Athletic Facilities: blitz Athletic Facilities Office
  • Collis Center: blitz Collis Reservations
  • Tuck School: blitz Tuck Facilities

To request a space from Conferences and Special Events, please choose from the following:

Room Request Form for Dartmouth sponsored events (authentication required)
Room Request Form for non-Dartmouth sponsored events

Your request usually will be processed within 48 hours.

  • To help ensure space availability, please submit requests at least two weeks before your event date. Some locations must be booked months ahead of time.
  • Consider whether the facility you are requesting is appropriate for your event: Is it large enough? Do you need a smart classroom? Is food allowed there? Please contact us if you are unsure.
  • Please consider whether the venue you have selected for your event is accessible to people with physical, sensory and other disabilities. Review the venue chart under Commonly Used Facilities to determine the accessible features (entrances, elevators, restrooms, parking, availability of assistive listening devices) of the space you want to reserve. If your event venue is not on the chart, please contact us to determine whether your space is accessible, and to review available alternatives if it is not.
  • If an outdoor venue is preferred, consider reserving a rain location as well.

Please note: No reservation is final until you receive confirmation via email from our office.

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Request set-up services for your venue

Conferences and Events will coordinate your set-up needs for items such as tables, chairs, lecterns, microphones and PA systems, audio-visual equipment, electricity, trash cans, tents, and custodial services. In addition to having items delivered, we will arrange to have them set up in the configuration you require.

Please note: Audio-visual requests (data projectors, video screens, overhead projectors) should be directed to Nancy Miller in the Conferences and Events office at (603) 646-1565 or

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Planning an accessible event

As the event planner, it is your responsibility to plan for and provide required services for people with disabilities. It is important to consider the accessibility of your program to presenters, participants and guests with physical, sensory and hidden disabilities and to anticipate the possibility of providing auxiliary communication aids and services such as assistive listening devices, alternative print materials, sign language interpretation, captioning, accessible food service, and other accommodations. All promotional materials should include both a phone number and email contact information for people with questions or special requests. The College is committed to facilitating the participation of people with disabilities in all of its programs and events. Conferences & Special Events and the 504/ADA Coordinator in the Office of Institutional Diversity & Equity can assist.

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Promoting your event

The Room Request Form allows you to indicate whether you would like your event posted to the College Events Calendar. In promoting your event in other ways (fliers, advertising, departmental postings, blitz bulletins, registration materials, etc), please be sure to provide both phone and email contact information to enable people with disabilities who may have questions or requests to communicate with you in advance. If they do so, consult the 504/ADA Coordinator for the campus, at (603) 646-3197, as to how best to respond.

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Staffing your event

Staff from the department hosting the event should be prepared to serve participants in a variety of ways. In addition to insuring that the event runs smoothly, staff should be prepared to respond to questions about venue features such as the location of restrooms (including accessible restrooms), drinking fountains, and special seating, and about the availability of event materials and assistive listening devices. Staff should check the path of travel from the building entrance to the event venue to insure that there are no obstructions. They should also be prepared to respond to emergency situations with emergency contact numbers and emergency procedure information appropriate to the program and the venue. Again, please contact us so we may assist you in advance.

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Outdoor events

Apply for an outdoor event permit:
Please stop by our office at Blunt Alumni Center, Suite 204 to pick up a permit.
A permit is required for any of the following: amplified sound, outdoor gatherings of more than 20 people, tents, blocking of roads or sidewalks, parades, or races.
Please return the permit to Conferences and Special Events at least two weeks before your event. Once approved by our office, the permit will be forwarded to the Hanover Town Offices, which need a minimum of 10 business days before final approval.

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 Using a Tent on Campus

All tents to be set up on campus property must be requested and approved through Conferences and Special Events. Please place your request at least four weeks ahead of time to help ensure availability.

Reminder: an outdoor event permit must be submitted for all tents.

Typical information needed for tents:

  • By what time would you like the tent set up? When can the tent come down?
  • Do you want sides on the tent? What size tent is needed?
  • Are there other events in your proposed location prior to or after yours that need to be considered in determining the location of the tent?

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Catering information

  • A listing of insured caterers can be found on the Office of Risk and Internal Controls Services web site. Caterers not on this list are not allowed to cater on campus. The catering list is updated on a monthly basis.
  • Catering restrictions apply to certain venues on campus. Please ask Conferences and Special Events what restrictions apply to your location.
  • Does your caterer supply tablecloths? Are you aware of your caterer's cancellation and guarantee policies?
  • Please let us know at what time the caterer needs the building/room to be opened.
  • When you arrange for your caterer, remind them that they are responsible for removing trash and their equipment from the venue at the end of the event.

Ensure that your event is in compliance with College policies

Conferences and Special Events keeps current College event policies on file. Please contact our office for policy concerns or questions, particularly if your event involves use of the Green, Baker Lawn, blocking of Tuck Drive or Webster Avenue, outdoor amplification, a tent, or late hours.

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Last Updated: 7/30/14