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The History of Rowing at Dartmouth

Rowing began at Dartmouth in 1833 when the oarsmen rowed their sixes out of an ice house on Lake Mascoma. The crews moved to the Connecticut River on campus in 1937 and lightweights were added to the program in the 1940's. Peter Gardner coached the crews here from 1957 to 1988, bringing the program up to the level that it is today. His crowning achievement was the construction of The Friends of Dartmouth Rowing Boathouse in 1986. Dartmouth crews have provided over 30 members of National and Olympic teams. Rowing is presently the most popular sport at Dartmouth, with over 200 students pulling an oar every Fall.

About the Dartmouth Boathouse

The Friends of Dartmouth Rowing Boathouse is located on the Connecticut River and is less than 10 minute walk from anywhere on campus. The upper floor contains a large function room, office, kitchen and deck overlooking the river. The ground floor houses over 30 racing shells for the men's, women's and men's lightweight programs. A second boathouse nearby contains a fleet of singles and pairs, a boat repair shop and the weight lifting equipment. Dartmouth features the very latest technology in rowing and training equipment, with brand new Vespoli Milleniums in every squad. The Connecticut River allows limitless miles of rowing amid the scenic settings of mountainous New Hampshire. Wind and power boats rarely disturb the crews here, with "glass" conditions most days. This combination of elements has earned Dartmouth the reputation for the best water in the country, borne out of the fact that National Team crews have trained here every summer since 1972. The Connecticut is one of the few bodies of water in the league where a swim after the row is a regular feature during the warmer months.

Winter Training

Dartmouth features state-of-the-art indoor training facilities for the winter months. Our 16 person tank, completed in 1988, uses two sets of Dreissigacker oars for customized workouts. A nearby workout area contains 16 Concept II ergometers, two Gamut ergometers and a computer system for the Concept II Erg to evaluate power application through the rowing stroke. Our newest feature is a computer-driven system that races ergometers against each other as boats on a television screen, same as the one used at the CRASH-B Indoor Rowing Championships. The oarsmen can also race as pairs and fours. The crew program has a complete set of weight training equipment and can also access the College's Manley Fitness Center with its two full time strength coaches. The crews also use the miles of trails around campus for mountain biking, running and cross country skiing.

Breaking the 24-hour Erg Record
During the 1998 winter training period, all three crews of the Dartmouth Boathouse came together to break the 24-hour erg record.

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