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Campus Planning & Facilities Strategic Plan

We enrich the Dartmouth Experience by serving the campus community and by creating, enhancing, and caring for the College's physical environment.

CP&F will be a valued partner of the Dartmouth community, recognized for:

  • Excellent Stewardship
As stewards of Dartmouth's physical plant, we will be known for making wise decisions to manage and preserve the buildings, land, infrastructure, and environment entrusted to us.

  • Delivery of High Value Services 
We will provide consistently high quality services to our customers at a fair and reasonable cost.

  • Being a Great Place to Work
Our employees will be recognized for their contributions to the Dartmouth mission and will take pride in their accomplishments. Staff will enjoy coming to work.

  • Proactively Planning for the Future
As a trusted member of the College's senior administrative team, we will lead capital, space, and campus planning initiatives in support of the Dartmouth strategic vision.  

 Guiding Principles:
These guiding principles define how we work together in service to the Dartmouth community.

  • Integrity
We act with the highest ethical standards
  • Respect
We perform our work with respect for each other and for those we support.  We acknowledge and recognize the unique contributions of all.
  • Teamwork
Our success hinges on collaboration and effective communication. 
  • Excellence
We are all professionals.  We commit to do our work extraordinarily well.
  • Service
We are customer focused. We understand their needs and strive to exceed their expectations.  

  • Dedication
As Dartmouth employees, we recognize that we are part of something special.  We take pride in what we do and display a true sense of ownership.

Strategic Goals 
1.     To improve internal and external communications
Rationale: Effective communications is essential to a successful organization: both to deliver quality services and to establish excellent internal working relations. Our customers and our employees have told us that we need to do better. The intended outcome of this goal is for all CP&F employees to have the information they need to deliver high value services to the Dartmouth community. This entails communicating well within our Division and with our customers. Open, candid 2-way communication and active listening should be the norm, and the Dartmouth community should be kept informed of the status of daily work as well as major projects. We will strive to avoid surprises.
2.     To develop the workforce
Rationale:  We need to provide our staff with the training and resources necessary to deliver exceptional service to our customers. This entails a program of technical and management training, opportunities for advancement and self-improvement, and an effective rewards and recognition system. We should engage employees in meaningful dialogue to do extraordinary work in a team-based environment. Work/life integration should be actively promoted, recognizing that this balance is dynamic and different for everyone.

3.     To improve CP&F's operational work flow process.
Rationale: In order to provide excellent service, we must have excellent work processes that are easy to understand for CP&F staff as well as for our customers. It should be clear how to get work done through CP&F, how work is prioritized, how long it will take, and "who pays for what". Transparent work processes should be operationalized and expected as 'the new norm' by all stakeholders. Data should be accessible, and we should provide clear and accurate reporting on a routine basis. CP&F should have an ethic of Continuous Improvement.
4.     To develop an effective and efficient planning and delivery process for capital projects.
Rationale: CP&F's project planning and delivery process is vital to the mission of the College. It encompasses integrated capital planning, individual project planning, and cradle to grave project management. Currently, capital projects are managed by several offices within CP&F and by other Divisions across the College. Planning and delivery processes are not standardized, and the end result is inconsistent with a lack of internal and customer reports. CP&F should strive to provide a standardized project planning and management process to enable the delivery of high quality, well-designed and energy efficient projects. There should be active engagement and communication with all stakeholders, with a focus on collaboration, early program definition, turnover to operations, and a commitment from the entire team. Rigorous project controls should be established to allow stakeholders to make informed choices, and to ensure capital projects meet approved goals, budget and schedules.

5.     To guide campus development aligned with Dartmouth's strategic priorities
Rationale: Working closely with the President, Provost, and Deans, CP&F will develop a series of strategic facilities plans to provide the data and rationale to enable informed decision-making and promote the wise use of College resources. These plans include: the rolling five-year capital plan, an effective space utilization plan, the campus Master Plan and precinct plans, a Capital Renewal Plan, the long-range Energy Strategy, a Real Estate asset acquisition and disposition plan, and an off-campus housing plan. The plans will be living documents, capable of being updated on a periodic basis.

Last Updated: 9/19/13