CLASSIC PANOS: Panoramas from Greece & Turkey

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Atop and on the slopes of Mt. Akontion at the western end of the Copaïc Basin, Orchomenos today is home to many reminders of its long and once powerful past. Little modern architecture interferes with these remains, among which are a Mycenaean tholos tomb and Hellenistic temple to Asklepios. Below and to the southwest, the acropolis of Chaironeia rises above the other side of the broad valley that witnessed two battles of major importance in Classical antiquity. To the southeast across the great basin and beyond it, the modern town of Thebes lies as a reminder of Orchomenos' principal rival throughout history. The ruins at Orchomenos provide evidence for the site's history back to Neolithic times. Remains from the Early, Middle, and Late Helladic periods, the Geometric era, and Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman times testify to this Boeotian site's lengthy tradition as a center of population and power. More...