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Signs of Stress

  • Normal emotions that are displayed to an extreme degree or for a prolonged period of time (e.g., tearfulness, nervousness, immobolizing fear)
  • Marked changes in personality or mood
  • Listlessness, lack of energy
  • Inability to make decisions or to concentrate on classes or other activities
  • High levels of irritability, including unruly, aggressive, violent or abrasive behavior
  • Use of alcohol or other drugs that leads to recklessness, impairment, loss of control or if it represents a change in use
  • Thought or desire to take drastic action or make impulse decisions (e.g., dropping out of school in response to a fear that a test may not go well)
  • Withdrawal, excessive sleeping, and procrastination
  • Decreased sexual desire or decreased desire for previous levels of intimacy
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Muscle tension, headaches, low back pain, insomnia and high blood pressure

Last Updated: 10/2/08